BBM for Android Update Brings Material Design and New Privacy Features

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Even if Blackberry isn’t what it used to be, the company has been successful in leveraging its famous instant messaging client BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), which was received very well on Android upon its release in 2013.

While it wasn’t perfect initially, BlackBerry has been putting a lot of work into it and it has come through nicely after several updates. Now, after some beta testing, the latest BBM update on the Play Store brings material design to the messenger along with new privacy and control subscriptions.

With the material design update BBM looks very streamlined and much cleaner. BlackBerry has also changed the interface somewhat and we really like how the app looks and feels overall now.

BBM for Android Material Design Update

If you’ve already been using BBM for Android, you’re probably familiar with timed messages as well, which is a great way to keep private messages secure. While the feature was initially available for free, BlackBerry had plans to take it to a subscription based model – something that was done recently.

Another useful feature was the ability to retract messages that might have been sent mistakenly. Now, with the recent update, BBM has a new Privacy and Control Subscription that basically replaces Timed Messages and Retracted Messages Subscription.

A new Private Chat feature has also been introduced which keeps contact names and message notifications hidden while you chat with someone, and the conversation self-destructs after inactivity for some time is detected (Mission Impossible style).

BBM for Android Material Design Update

With the new subscription you will also get the option to edit messages you’ve sent, which basically first retracts a message, edits it and then sends it again. You can now also quote old messages from your chat as references when needed.

According to BlackBerry, users with existing Timed and Retracted Messages subscriptions will be updated to the new subscription automatically. If you haven’t updated your BBM yet, just head over to Google Play Store via the link below.

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