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If you own an Android phone, you’ve probably already marked several must-haves on your Google Play list, and have even downloaded several designed to make your phone more fun and visually appealing. However, when it comes to android necessities, one thing you should never underestimate is the value of a strong android security app.

If you have apps that relate to personal banking, social media, email or other forms of internet-connected services, you probably have passwords stored in your phone’s files.

When you’re connected to the internet or your data service, this information can sometimes be accessed by those who would use your personal information for their own gains.

That’s why it’s critical to have a mobile security app, and we are highlighting AVG mobile today, one of the best Android security currently on the market.

This antivirus for android mobile has a huge number of services that are designed to make your smartphone experiences safer and more secure than ever before. This goes above and beyond the easy-to-use scan and removal feature that rids your device of viruses and malware, and extends to advanced options such as:

  • Scanning web pages and Wi-Fi networks to check for potential problems.
  • Using a password-protected, encrypted vault to store your sensitive photos that prying eyes can’t access.
  • The ability to remotely wipe your SD card in the event your phone is stolen.
  • The ability to remotely track your phone through Google Maps if it’s lost or stolen.
  • The Camera Trap service, which takes a photo of anyone attempting to access your phone with a wrong password 3 or more times and emails it straight to you.
  • Optimization for your battery life and storage to make your phone faster and stronger than ever before.

Whether you’re worried about theft, viruses and malware or snooping friends and family, AVG has a solution for you. Keep your phone more secure than ever before without spending a dime of your own cash with this free, easy-to-use application.

In order to properly use it, you will need to give the app administrator privileges but the security features are very useful and the anti-theft features on AVG are comprehensive, with several checks like auto locking when sim is changed, locking via SMS and locating your phone using Google Maps.

All in all, AVG is one of the most reliable and comprehensive mobile security apps and we recommend the free version to try out all the features.

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