Apple’s New iPad Pros, Macbook Expected in Likely October Event

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While last month we saw the release of Apple’s new iPhone XS, XS Max and Apple Watch 4 on the hardware front, this month we are expecting two new iPad Pros, a new Macbook variant and possibly updates on the rumored AirPower wireless charging mat and perhaps new AirPods.

Even though an event is not yet confirmed, in 2016 the company held an event late October, with a short-notice invitation.

With tablet sales declining globally, Apple decided to introduce the iPad Pro, which gave the company a breather in 2016 and 2017, and now they are set to unveil the latest iteration with two variants, 11-inch and 12.9-inch, featuring Face ID and a full-screen design (no notch and no Touch ID button).

new iPad Pro Face ID 2018

Rumors of a new Macbook have also been circulating, and the company is expected to replace the Macbook Air with a new version (thankfully) which sports a Retina display and Intel’s latest (not confirmed) processor. The question, however, is what will happen with the 12-inch Macbook, which is a popular choice among ultra-portable notebook users.

Then we have the question of AirPower and AirPods, both of which were notably missing from the September event. Even though sparse details regarding both have been around since last year, Apple’s hasn’t committed much, and an October event may be when we finally see them in action.

Apple AirPower Charging Mat

Recently Apple has struggled to make the kind of impact the company used to, with their new hardware lineup. While the iPhone remained their top product for years, last year’s iPhone X and iPhone 8 releases were lackluster, and didn’t bring enough to the table for most people to upgrade from their iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Even though the iPhone X was a stellar phone in its own right, it’s high price point was major detractor, and Apple seemed to have learned the lesson (somewhat) this year, when they announced a cheaper (relatively) iPhone XR model, which is also expected to become available later this month (October 19).

It remains to be seen whether Apple will be able to make a mark this year with the iPhone XR, and increase their market penetration further.

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