Apple’s Liam Robots are Raking in Cash in Their Millions Via iDevices Recycling

Apple really took recycling to another level; a gold level. The company revealed that it has recovered one metric tonne of gold by recycling its own products last year.
According to the current price of gold, a tonne of gold is valued at almost $40 million US Dollar.
In addition to gold, three tonnes of silver with an estimated value of $1.5 million US Dollars was also recovered.
This was done through Apple’s Renew scheme which allows customers to turn in their worn out or spoilt Apple devices for discounts off of future Apple purchases.

Apple Recycle Robot Liam
Some of the recycling was done by their line of prototype robots called Liam. They were specially designed for this purpose; to take apart old devices while checking and separating the different elements.
The metal that is gold is a great conductor that does not rust like copper or aluminium.
Clearly, Apple has been working really hard at reducing their carbon footprint.

Another way in which they are doing this is by reducing the amount of plastic used and the size of the box used to package the iPhone 6S; — the plastic is 20% lighter and the box is 34% smaller.
All the data centres that are powered by iMessage, Siri and FaceTime run entirely on renewable energy.
Apple’s carbon footprint has fallen from 137.2kg per product in 2011 to 114.2kg last year which is quite an impressive feat.

Apparently, the fruity company has inspired quite a few technological companies to walk in its footsteps which is a step to reducing the total carbon footprint of the entire industry and in turn, reduce the effects of global warming.

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