Glide Unveils It’s in-Built Camera Strap for Apple Watch Called CMRA

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After the self-titled video messenger the Glide Company came up with, there were few speculations that there isn’t anything else apart from this software they would come up with again. To beat this rumour flat, the company just unveiled a dual integrated camera band for the Apple Watch called the CMRA.


It comes with fascinating features such as; 8MP outward sensor, 2MP selfie snapper, sensor microphone, 8GB flash memory, and a built-in battery. The only purpose the Apple Watch serves is for UI and viewfinder purposes only.

Now, when capturing video, the microphone makes selfie sensor sounds come out smooth. After piling up much media, you could just sync it with your iPhone or iCloud over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when the band is connected. Awesomely, it includes options for an instant share of your photos and videos on Facebook, twitter and youtube as third party apps. All these features can simply be downloaded from CMRA app.

Having all these in mind, it is important for the users to know that the CMRA app doesn’t drain the Apple Watch juice because it has its own power supply strapped on. The only issue is that the power surge can only charge one gadget at a time.
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in terms of publicity, to pre-order the CMRA all you need is a sum of $149 but this offer would only last for 30days after its unveiling then the price would go up to $199. The official shipping out would be in spring 2017, the CMRA will carry a tag of $249. The colors of the CMRA include black, blue, white and gray. This is a very limited offer and as such the Company urges its costumers to make  pre-orders before the due date.

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