Apple Keynote Event Shows ‘Liam’, iPhone SE & a Smaller iPad Pro

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Apple’s Keynote event is underway and you can view the live stream here if you have an Apple device and Safari browser. A lot of the talk is circling around the company’s green moves and reduction of their environmental footprint.

From solar panels on roofs in Singapore to managed forests and recycled paper for their packaging, the folks at Apple unveiled a secret research and development project known as ‘Liam’.

Liam solves a big problem, that of, outdated and seemingly un-recyclable iPhones and devices. Most companies have to get rid of  the material they can’t recycle, and that is a lot in general. However, the folks at Apple say that Liam shows the company’s approach towards a comprehensive product life cycle plan – from release to it’s final destination.

Apple Liam Robot

The keynote event showed a video of Apple’s new robot which takes apart an iPhone 6 bit by bit, all the way from its metal chassis to its battery, camera module and antennas.

Liam Robot by Apple

All the important bits and pieces are then stacked together to be reused, because, as the video says, there aren’t unlimited resources in the world.

Apple Recycle Robot Liam

Apart from Liam, the keynote also revealed updates about the Apple Watch, with its new bands and a lower starting price of $299.

The iPhone family also got a new member, the iPhone SE, which is basically the 4 inch iPhone with hardware features rivaling iPhone 6S.

Finally, the iPad Pro got a smaller, 9.7 inch sibling, which according to the company, will serve as the ultimate upgrade for users of the older iPad and PC users.

Some new iOS features were also touched upon in the presentations headed by CEO Tim Cook. What do you guys think of Apple’s new announcements? Let us know by commenting below.

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