Apple Forging Ahead With OLED Contract Agreement With Samsung For iPhones

Based on trustworthy information gathered from relevant sources, Apple will be striking a deal with Samsung for the production of flexible OLED displays for the next iPhone incarnate. Apparently, the manufacturing of these OLEDs over the next few years will amount to a substantial amount of over $7.47 billion that is to be solely invested in by Samsung in setting up manufacturing facilities so as to meet up with demand.

With this, the Korean Giant estimates as many as 30,000-45,000 panels on a monthly bases and various legit sources have confirmed that the first batch of iPhones with OLEDs will ship in the first quarter of 2018.

samsung super amoled display

Following the investment in OLEDs, Samsung will reportedly put its LCD display plants up for sale so as to focus on the development of organic panels.

Earlier rumors however, had it that Apple would be giving the organic display contract to both Samsung and LG and today’s report strongly hints that LG – who is second to Samsung in Asia as a whole, – will be left out of the mix. Hence, leaving Samsung as the only production company for the OLEDs to come featured in the iPhones of the nearer future.


The success of this contract might just be the dawn of a new era for Samsung Electronics and might also just be bad for business in the sense that if the Korean giant is allowed to monopolize this industry, chances are the cost of OLEDs will go up quickly hence limiting the availability of the technology to end users like you and i.

Thankfully though, that might not be the case as LG and JDI are continually advancing on their display technology meaning that competition won’t be going downhill anytime soon.

LG also continues to endeavor in the flexible OLED department as the company unveiled a prototype sometime last week at CES and also, Sony announced plans to further improve on its triluminos display tech so it can match up to OLEDs and maybe even surpass it in as earlier as two years from now.

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