Apple Developing an Android App to Rival Spotify

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is working on an Android app which will actually compete with Spotify, the popular music streaming service.

The company behind the “i” range of products acquired the Beats Music service last year, and it is believed that it will serve as the core for this app which is being designed for the Android platform. Spotify, which is the app of choice for music lovers, costs $9.99 per month, while Apple’s offering may undercut it at $7.99.

If this happens, it is going to be a big step from Apple since they are in a tight competition with Google, the name behind Android. Both companies are rivals in the mobile devices arena, but Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook had stated earlier that Apple would not hesitate in making an Android app if it “made sense”.

Interestingly, Microsoft has also been showing interest in Android, albeit not the kind that Google would appreciate. The software giant is reportedly going to invest in Cyanogen, the makers of custom Android roms, who intend to separate Android from Google and create a parallel, independent ecosystem.

Microsoft also recently released another Android app of its own called “Picturesque”. It is basically a lock screen app and you can check it out here.

What do you think about Apple developing an Android app? Do you think its a move that concedes Android’s popularity and market penetration around the world?

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