Apple Could Be Switching From LCD Displays to OLEDs Very Soon

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The rumour being spread in the tech world  is predominantly directed at the iPhone 8 and some of the speculations concerning device have now been confirmed by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Their major mission is to give comprehensive summary of any company’s financial performance. The company filed their report to the commission and it was revealed that the Form-K suggests a shift to OLED displays beginning with iPhone 8.

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JP Morgan an investment firm revealed that Apple placed $4 billion order purchase on OLED with duration of about one year for the first time in history. According to JP Morgan, the order coincides with an “off-balance sheet obligation” for the same amount from the third quarter, which it believed to be a long-term OLED obligation to Samsung for the future iPhone. Now, this OLED is a big feature that the Samsung brand boasts on, so how they are able come to a bargain with the iPhone brand is still a question left unanswered. However , one thing is certain and that’s how high chances are of the iPhone 8 coming along with the OLED.


Furthermore, that the brand is switching from its normal LCD display to the OLED doesn’t actually mean it won’t use LCD displays, moreover , this isn’t the first time the Apple brand is using OLED as a feature in it tech. we first saw the shift with the Apple watch and MacBook’s Pro’s Touch Bar in the year 2016. Although, Samsung stands as the major supplier, yet, other brands like the LG, Sharp, and Japan Dispalys (JDI) have shown keen interest in being investors of the OLED to the Apple firm.

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