App Spotlight: Point of Sale (POS) App by Kounta for Small & Large Businesses

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A Point Of Sale (POS) is a time and place where a retail transaction is carried out. The point at which a customer pays for a transaction to a merchant in exchange for goods on or after provision of a service.

Technology over the years has helped service providers transit from typical physical machines to using POSs on smart devices, enabling users to easily authenticate transactions and keep records as well. Some apps even come with plugin integrations specific to different businesses, boutiques and bars. For example. There are a good number of POS apps for Android that we’ve come across and one of them is Kounta which we’ll be reviewing in this article.

Introducing Kounta’s easy to use but highly complex POS app: Point of Sale (POS) by Kounta. Founded in Australia in 2012, it is a Cloud based Point of Sale Software System that is flexible and powerful enough to run any size of Restaurant, Bar, Cafe, Shop or Retail Boutique.

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The app a is clearly designed specifically with hospitality in mind as it is accommodating of all different business types and sizes. There is also a tightly secure database working behind the scenes in which your most valuable data is kept and coupled with that are premium class business reporting and analytics tools for all your backed up stores.

Kounta App On Android and PC

Hundreds of Australian businesses already use and love this POS app, relying on it for their day to day transactions.

Furthermore, a lot of different organizations—cloud programming engineers like Xero, Collect Rewards, and Deputy, whose own applications impeccably supplement Kounta—have paid heed also; these associations support Kounta’s road credibility as it dispatches in North America this year.

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Comparing the cost of owning and maintaining legacy systems with Kounta’s starting rate of $50/month per register ($150/month for three) will help you understand how they are probably influencing market dominance of old time POS systems enormously.

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Even modernizing your old cash register will require you to spend nothing less than $10,000 to $15,000 which can go up to $30,000 when you factor in hardware, software, implementation costs and support contracts – for just one location.

Kounta also gives merchants the freedom to use any payment provider they choose with its integrated EMV compliant credit card capabilities.  Kounta is not for only small, one-shop businesses because “Kounta Enterprise” offers custom pricing and solutions for large operations, with focus on the  management and reporting on an unlimited number of stores and/or brands under a single umbrella.

Feature set

This application was designed from the word “go” to be a complete solution for foodservice operations and retail operations with considered hospitality due to its intelligent design.

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  • It features an interface that can be organized the way you like, allowing you to easily replicate your menu on the main screen.
  • Menu items can be stored as recipes in order for each element is tracked individually. Items like beer and wine can be tracked to an astonishing level of accuracy.
  • The app also features an inbuilt Customer relationship management system which keeps a record (in its database) of all the names, contact information and purchase history.
  • The Customer relationship feature is well integrated with 3rd party plugins for marketing applications and loyalty programs.  An “employee time clock”, for example, simplifies the cost of labor or the social mobile app “Collect Rewards” for customer loyalty which give business owners efficient methods to keep customers  coming back.
  • Kounta has an advanced reporting, analytics and insights modules which provide adequate intelligent business analysis for businesses.

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  • Item specific order printing makes sure item orders go to their right location, for example,  its settings make sure orders for drinks are taken to the bar and orders for food, to the kitchen.
  • Kount’s interface features easy split payments, has options for table layouts, and tipping pre-sets which make running even the busiest restaurants less pain staking.

kounta screenshot 11

  • Kounta is Cloud Based and platform flexible as you can use it on your Android Tablet, Phone or PC.
  • It’s cloud based but you don’t need to be online to use it, it works just as smoothly offline.

Kounta has 24/7 online support on all 5 work days and also documentation and webinars to help new users who are starting afresh and to help old users keep up to pace with new features and service improvements.

Kounta on Android Tablet

Kounta’s Highlights

It is most commendable the fact that Kounta has succeeded in developing and maintaining enterprise level software that runs in the cloud and is a lot more secure than many cloud services in the market, compiling to  EMV standards and yet are able to still high levels of customizable for each customer experience. Kounta’s well-designed interface is intuitive and users will for sure find it painless to carry out complex operations.

Also, Kounta’s pricing isn’t based feature sets like most other POS apps out there but on the size of your operation. So irrespective of how much you pay, you get the same features regardless of your size. A one store/one register boutique, therefore,  has access to the same robust analytics that a national chain would and this helps small businesses run smarter and more efficient operations as they rely on premium-class reporting and analytical information too.


Kounta has a lot of rich features and if you own a small shop, be it a retail service, charity or a small antique shop, the app is for you.

If you own a bar, a cafe, a restaurant, a coffee shop, bakery and anything else you can think of in this category, it is even more appropriate for you because your Kounta was designed with the purpose of meeting your specialized needs.

Kounta’s rule-based price lists make Happy Hours and daily specials effortless. You can download the app on the Google Play Store to try for free. With a starting price of $50 per month, you can check out their other awesome pricing options here to suit your needs.

Lightspeed Kounta POS
Lightspeed Kounta POS
Developer: Kounta
Price: Free
  • Lightspeed Kounta POS Screenshot
  • Lightspeed Kounta POS Screenshot
  • Lightspeed Kounta POS Screenshot

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