Apex Legends vs Fortnite on PS4; Battle Royale is Big Enough for Everyone

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While Fortnite really brought the Battle Royale genre into the spotlight and witnessed unprecedented growth, both in terms of players and streamers, we have a new challenger in the shape of Apex Legends, which many are calling the Fornite killer. Is that really the case?

My experience with Fornite on PS4

First of all, I am no pro-gamer by any means – I am a casual, millennial gamer who enjoys a few hours of gaming every week on both my PC and Play Station 4. I first played Fortnite a few months ago, and while I really liked the fresh feel, vibrant graphics and the general idea of running towards a central point, trying to stay alive – I was decidedly bad at it. And that’s fine because the game did have a bit of a learning curve, especially with the building aspect factored in.

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If you don’t know already, Fornite is less of a shooter and more of a hybrid where your chances of winning depend equally on how well you aim and build. Good players can build defensive and offensive structures at a moment’s notice and after a while, the whole process comes naturally to them. I played the game on a PC first and had a bit of a hard time finding the best controls. On the PS4, the controls are simpler, and the game is more accessible, to be honest.

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That being said, the novelty wore off pretty fast for me, but I still understood the appeal of the game and why people keep going to back to it. It’s fast, it’s vibrant and if you get the hang of it, there is nothing quite rewarding as building a structure within seconds to outsmart your opponent, or better yet, their whole squad.

Other than that, the skins and other small in-game items, like dances are nice additions and keep things fun. Moreover, Epic Games is very active and you’ll see new updates coming in very often, changing the landscape, bringing new items and such.

My experience with Apex Legends on PS4

When I downloaded and ran Apex Legends on PS4, my first impression was that this is much more polished than Fornite. The textures were sharp, the music was quite good, and the tutorial mission was very helpful. However, the main difference between Apex Legends and Fornite was the shooting mechanics and the overall flow and feel when it comes to using different weapons. Apex Legends takes cues from the previous Call of Duty games, and the weapon work is amazing. You can feel the recoil and firepower of each gun you use in Apex Legends, and aiming down the site is a real joy.

Apex Legends Gunplay

Other mechanics like running and sliding also add an interesting dimension to the gameplay, but the other notable addition is the use of special abilities for various champions. Unlike Fornite, Apex Legends has multiple characters you can choose, such as Bloodhound, Bangalore, Wraith, Mirage, and Pathfinder.

Apex Legends Characters

All the different characters or legends have their own unique ability and an ultimate, which reinforce teamplay and make every player important for the squad. Apex Legends is also more of a team game compared to Fortnite in my view, because not only do you have to support your squad, or be revived if you’re knocked down, even if you die, your squadmates can revive you at a checkpoint, keeping the game going.

My comparison between Fortnite and Apex Legends

This article is not meant to be an in-depth review or guide for either game, but a simple comparison from the point of view of a casual gamer. While I think Apex Legends is a very fine game in its own right, I do not believe it will be a Fortnite killer. Both games have very different vibes, and the only thing truly similar between them is the broad genre of Battle Royale. Fortnite is for players who want a diverse, exciting and competitive experience while Apex Legends is suited for fans of shooting games, focusing on weapons and more tactical gameplay in a squad-based setting.

Given how both games are unique in their own ways, there is room for both to co-exist and I imagine players from Fortnite and Apex Legends can alternate between the two and enjoy both games for their distinct qualities.

On a side note, while Fortnite supports cross-platform play, Apex Legends cross-platform compatibility is still in the works and for now, you can only play with your platform-specific friends.

I for one prefer Apex Legends to Fornite, because of its relatively lower learning curve and refined shooting mechanics. Which one of the two do you prefer? Share your thoughts via the comments below.

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