Apex Legends: Check Ping and Change Server on PS4

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Apex Legends is a lot of fun as long as your ping does not affect gameplay. If you’re experiencing lag during Apex Legends matches, you might want to check your ping and change your server, and this guide shows you how to do that on a Play Station 4.

The option to check ping and change server is not available via the settings inside Apex Legends, and it can be confusing to try and figure out how to do it. Here are the steps:

#1. Launch Apex Legends on PS4 and Wait

When you launch Apex Legends on your Play Station, wait for the intros and do not press X when it asks you to continue.

apex legends ps4

If you continue, you will enter the game’s main menu, and will not be able to check the ping or change your data center.

Stay on this screen and wait for about a minute.

#2. Open Accessibility Options and Close Them

After waiting for about a minute, press the options button on your PS4 controller to open Accessibility Options, which will look like the image below, once they are open, close them via the O button.

apex legends ping check

Once you close the options window, you should see a Data Center option appear at the bottom of the screen (shown in next step).

#3. Wait for Data Center Option to Appear

After waiting for a minute and opening and closing the Accessibility Options, you should see the Data Center option appear next to the Accessibility Options tag. If it doesn’t appear, continue to open and close Accessibility Options and it will happen after a few tries.

apex legends data center option

Apex Legends Data Center Option

#4. Open Apex Legends Data Center

Once the Data Center option appears, you can press down the right controller and a new window will open, showing you all the available data centers and Apex Legends servers you can connect to, including the ping you are getting at each and the corresponding packet loss.

apex legends ping and server check

Connecting to an Apex Legend data center/server with low ping and no packet loss should improve your game experience and reduce lag, which is critical in a fast-paced shooting game.

Apex Legends continues to grow in popularity and user base, and while many considered it to be a Fornite killer, having played both games, I believe the two can easily co-exist with their different gameplay and variations.

Hope this guide helps you check your Apex Legends ping and find the best server – share your feedback and any questions via the comments below and read more about Apex Legends champions and their abilities.

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