Android’s New TV Commercial has Fun Fist Bumps “Be Together. Not the Same”

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Android’s new “Be Together. Not the Same” advertising campaign came under the spotlight earlier this month after featuring a cute TV commercial with animals interacting in fun ways. Now Google has released a new advert featuring humans engaging with each other in fun fist bumps, handshakes, dances and high fives.

The commercial (you can watch it below) consists of real world footage of athletes and just people who are having a good time with each other.  While the advert is catchy and “cool” in its own way, it’s not directly related to Android as an OS, which has led people to criticize the campaign as a whole. However, the message Google is trying to deliver is summed up in the campaign’s tagline “Be Together. Not the Same”.

What do you think about this new commercial? Do you feel Google’s ad campaign will attract new consumers or create potential ones? Comment below and let us know. Meanwhile, you might also want to check out the previous Android TV commercial in this series.

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