Android L – Licorice or Lollipop? And Material UI Updates Start Rolling

Rumored to be released on November 1st, 2014, Google’s upcoming Android L was announced in June this year. The ‘L’ in the name was a topic of major speculation, with people leaning towards the official name to be either Android Licorice or Lollipop.

Recently, Giovanni Calabrese, owner of Themendous and the man behind Google’s Android statutes, made a reference to ‘Licorice’ on his Google+ account, which many believe was a hint towards the release of Android 5.0

Apart from the expected performance increases thanks to 64-bit chip support and a complete shift to ART (Android Runtime – read more about ART here), Google has also been working on Project Volta, which they say will improve battery life on Android devices running Android L.

Users will also be able to interact with notifications without having to unlock their phones, a feature which will be part of the new Material Design UI, which is expected to spruce up the stock Android experience.

Google has also started rolling out updates for the Google+ and Play Store apps, which will now be featuring the upcoming Material Design UI. The new look basically follows the flat UI design, which will give Android 5.0 a fresh look.

It is expected that the upcoming Nexus 6 will be the first phone to sport Android L, before the new version is officially released in November.

However, as with all new versions of Android, users who don’t have Nexus devices will have to wait for manufacturers and carriers to push updates, which typically takes a lot of time, especially in the case of older devices.

Here are some Android L screenshots with the new Material Design UI:

Android L UI

Android L

What do you think about the new Android Material UI Design and the name Android Licorice? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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