Android Auto System Finally Coming to Android Phones

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For a while now third party infotainment along with the Android Auto systems have been quite expensive to acquire, most importantly you have to buy new ones for any car you purchase.

However, users would be shocked to know that sometime in May next year’s Google I/O, Android Auto would be coming natively to Android phones.

Another good part is that it is so easy to operate, all you need to do is mount it on a standalone interface on your dashboard.

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The screen shows playback for all media, one-tap navigation for Google Maps, weather, and phone dial and so on. It also keeps half the screen intact for notifications no matter what view you are on, be it incoming SMS or hangout messages both of them have similar pop-up notifications.

Although, the first release of the standalone interface doesn’t really include the OK Google detection, however, Google says that it will be available in the coming weeks.

The interface works in both portrait and landscape orientations, but the former offers much better information density with less scrolling.

Furthermore, as it is expected this causes a drain on the battery life because of the maps, media, and calls. So it iandroid auto systems wise and advisable for you to always carry a charger in your car. The maximum time you can use it is for 20minutes.

You can set the app to auto-launch when it detects your car’s Bluetooth, and you can, of course, get both media and voice audio routed from the phone to your car’s speakers. This isn’t a requirement, though — Android Auto will work just fine with the phone’s speaker.

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