ALLreLi Rugged Bluetooth Speakers Review – Good Sound and Great Value for Money

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While all Android phones and tablets have speakers, they’re usually not very loud, especially if you’re planning to put up music for a group or on the go. This is where bluetooth speakers come in handy – they’re not just loud but also portable enough to carry around without looking like you’re lugging a boombox.

Despite wanting them however, I personally avoided bluetooth speakers for one main reason, they’re seldom rugged and seem fragile or delicate. Recently however I came across ALLreLi’s bluetooth speakers and wanted to give them a try, mainly because they looked different, promised rugged features and were on sale for $21.99 a piece.

ALLReli Bluetooth Speakers for Android Phones

According to ALLreLi’s official product page, their wireless bluetooth speakers are waterproof (read water resistant) thanks to aluminium sealing and a silicone case, which give them an IP65 rating. They are also dust and shock proof thanks to the silicon housing, and are currently on sale.

I got mine a few days back and while the packaging was minimal, the speaker itself (I got the Army Green version) was well made and actually looked solid as opposed to those typical fragile-looking bluetooth speakers. It also came with a charging cable, a carabineer, a bike mount and a suction cup.

ALLreLi Bluetooth Speaker for Android Review

The speaker worked out of the box since it had some charge and it was fairly simple to pair it with my Android. The speaker has four buttons on it, two for skipping tracks (forward and backwards), one for play/pause and listening to calls and one is the power button. You just keep the power button pressed for a bit till you hear the audio cue and also see the LED blink to show that the speaker is now on and paired.

ALLReLi Bluetooth Speaker Review

When I started playing music on it, frankly I was impressed. It was louder than I expected and quite clear for that matter. Even though I was playing music on my Soundcloud app (which doesn’t have the best audio quality), the sound was crisp and loud. The only downside I could think of was lack of bass, but that gets better when you actually put the speaker down on a solid surface like a desk.

I tried it in my car then, and listening to music was a fairly good experience (even if redundant because you probably have an in-car sound system). What I liked however was the ability to take calls directly via the speaker because it also has a built-in mic.

ALLreLi Bluetooth Speaker Review Android

During calls however, while people on the other end could hear me clearly, their volume on my end wasn’t as high as I would have liked. Even though I cranked it up from my phone, I still struggled to hear the caller on the other end when things were a little noisy around me. Suffice to say however, calls did work and are definitely a welcome feature.

ALLreLi Bluetooth Speaker Review Android

While I did not submerge my speaker completely (it is water resistant not water proof), I did try it out in the rain for quite some time and it worked perfectly. I also accidentally dropped it a couple of times during use and while most other speakers would have come apart easily, it survived with only a small scratch on the side.

It continued to surprise me on the battery front as well, and I kept it powered on for a good 7 hours or so after a full charge and it didn’t show any signs of stopping. The suction cup that comes with it is also quite handy if you want to stick the speaker to your car window or bathroom mirror while you turn up some music during the shower.

The carabineer and bike mount that come with it also add more usage options, like putting it up on your bike or hanging it with your backpack during a hiking trip. All this, with the rugged features and loud sound make these speakers a great choice for people who spend their time outdoors and want their music to accompany them.

Make no mistake though, this is not a bluetooth speaker you’d buy for audio fidelity. This isn’t a speaker for audiophiles – what it is however is a small but mighty loud speaker that can withstand rain, water, dust and shocks and last you long enough for your trips and travels in any condition whatsoever.

All in all, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a solid, reliable and loud bluetooth speaker that can take a hit or two and still throw a party outdoors. Not to mention you can get the Army Green version currently on sale for just $21.99, which is a bargain if nothing else – just head over to Amazon via the link below and order yours right now.

ALLreLi Bluetooth Speaker Review for Android

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