aLLreLi Dual USB, LCD Display Travel Charger Kit Review: Worth the Money

Over the years our gadgets have evolved due to technological leaps. Companies these days focus on making their devices more powerful and smaller than ever before. And while we are now witnessing technology unimaginable a decade ago, battery backup limitations unfortunately still haunt our truly wireless dreams.

To put it simply, no matter which device you carry, you can’t do without daily charging, and that means carrying around chargers is a necessity.

However, with multiple devices becoming mainstream, it is quite a hassle to carry a charger for every device, which is where the aLLreLi® 34W / 6.8A 4 Port Portable USB Wall Charger makes your life easier without having to compromise on your comfort.

If you’ve ever traveled internationally, you would also know that your phone or tablet’s charger may not work with all sockets, so you may need to carry additional plugs too. Hence we decided to order the whole charging kit from aLLreLi and it’s actually lived up to its quite modest $15.99 price tag.

aLLreLi Android Travel Charger Kit

One of the most important aspects of a portable charger is its output, and the aLLreLi charger does well here with a 2.4 ampere output for its dual connections, which translates into faster charging and consequently less time connected to a socket.

The charger also comes with a digital display that allows you to monitor current and voltage and notifies you when your device is fully charged.

Build wise, the charger mainly comprises of plastic, but it seems durable and does not heat up too much during operation. Another good thing is that the charger comes bundled with plug adapters for the UK, EU, US and AU, which means it’s pretty much ready to travel around the world with you.

aLLreLi Travel Charger Plugs

Size wise the charger is easy to carry as well, measuring only 3.38 x 1.96 x 1.18 inches and its rectangular form factor makes for a good fit in any bag.

We even liked the LCD display on the charger, which makes it look far more interesting than the stock chargers that come with Android phones and tablets.

aLLreLi Travel Charger Kit

Using the charger we were able to charge all our Android phones and tablets rather quickly (thanks to the 2.4 amp output) and faced no issues with the charger heating up or the devices.

All in all, we feel the aLLreLi charger offers good value for $15.99 and is recommended for people who either travel a lot or have multiple devices at home that need regular charging.

If you’re interested, take a look at the charger on aLLreLi’s official site and order it via Amazon.

Buy aLLreLi Portable Travel Charger Kit

What do you think about having a powerful all-purpose charger? Do you think the one we reviewed here seems good value for money? Let us know by commenting below.

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