Aiwear To Release A Fitness Tracker That Will Supposedly Be A Close Competitor To Mi band

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Smart wearables seem to be a growing need for every smartphone owner and it would seem there is always news about new releases every day.
Choosing a wearable tech to associate with your phone especially fitness bands is in most cases, based on two choices, It is either you choose one with a display and shorter battery life or one that doesn’t sport a display but compensate that lost with a remarkable battery life.

Mi bands gain a lot of popularity because of their simplicity and long battery lives. The device’s biggest selling point despite lacking a notification display was the need to only charge it after thirty days of use.

Aiwear fitness bracelet

Aiwear are looking to rain on the Mi band’s parade by releasing a new smart fitness tracker called M2s that does everything that Mi band does……. and doesn’t. Aside from the usual fitness features like monitoring your sleep patterns and heart rate, measuring your calories intake, counting your steps, call and SMS notifications it also comes with few other nifty features that you can’t find on the Mi band like a smartphone camera control and fast charging.

Aiwear fitness bracelet

Lasting only fifteen days on a single charge- compared to 30 for the Mi band- it does fall a bit short on the battery capacity but with the extra features, it is a close competitor to Xiaomi’s fitness band.

Aiwear fitness bracelet

Vendors of Aiwear didn’t make available any news regarding the price of the device but it is expected to be in the same range as Mi band, or about $5 more and will supposedly come in a variety of different mixed color variants.

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