Aiwear Gearing To Release A VR Headset That Doesn’t Require A Pc Or Smartphone

VR headsets are a “thing” in 2016 and it would seem that every OEM is trying to jump on the bandwagon. While some manufacturers tend to play cheap and stick with simpler version of VR headsets ( which mostly have their designed based on Google’s Cardboard project), some like HTC are taking a different route with the release of their Vive VR headset which doesn’t require a smartphone like the cardboard but expects you to have a high-end computer.

Aiwear Gearing To Release A VR Headset That Doesn't Require A Pc Or Smartphone
Manufacturers choosing different design approaches are indeed welcomed as it creates diversity in the Virtual Reality market.

With that said, you might think the next big entrance in the VR space would cater for a splashy right of entry and like me, you were not expecting it to come from a Chinese manufacturer.

Aiwear (a company that made a name for themselves by ripping off Apple’s smartwatch) are said to be preparing themselves in the joining the VR party with the release of their own VR headset which would be different than anything currently on offer.

Aiwear Gearing To Release A VR Headset That Doesn't Require A Pc Or Smartphone

According to reports, the company claimed that its VR headset will be something unique and unlike any cardboard orient headset or one of those from Oculus, it won’t require being tethered to a computer or have a smartphone slid in.

The headset is expected to feature its own inbuilt 1080p 5.5-inch display, a 9 axis gyro to accurately track movement, an unspecified quad-core chipset, a possible 1GB of RAM and there is also talk of WiFi support and to make it worst, the device will supposedly run an outdated Android KitKat 4.4.


The headset might have gathered a large number of potential buyers if it featured respectable specs and at least, the latest version of Android but with those specs which look like a desperate attempt to create a cheap Hololens like VR headset that runs Android instead of Windows, this is aiming to be one of those hit and miss products and usually disappear into oblivion within a short time of their release.

With not so powerful features and an operating system that is literally a relic from the past, you are better off getting yourself a Cardboard viewer and slapping your smartphone into it for a cheaper and somewhat equally enjoyable experience.

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