AiWatch C5 Borrows Design Cues From Apple’s Yet-To-Be-Released Watch 2 – Will Set You Back At $89.99

Smart watches are becoming a necessity for most smartphone owners. Having a watch that is a tethered companion to your phone and help with accomplishing necessary tasks is indeed quite welcoming.

Hearing the release of a new smartwatch almost on a daily basis is not news anymore and since not everyone can afford Apple’s smartwatch or Samsung’s Gear S, the demand for cheaper versions are ever growing.

AIWATCH is an entirely new company but is already making headlines with the pending release of their first smartwatch – the AIWATCH C5.

C5 Aiwatch

The watch from the looks of it is an identical clone of the Apple Watch and it is rumored to have it’s design based on leaked Apple Watch 2 models that are set to be available soon. The device looks pretty nifty (from the video below) however, a lot of the specs seem to be deliberately kept under wraps.

As showcased in the intro video above, the C5 will have a touch screen, metallic body and capacitive button currently seen in the Apple watch.

The video also shows an apple like user interface and charging dock. The watch is currently in stock at the Aiwear store and reasonably priced at $89.99.

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