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Over the past 7 years, The Droid Review has grown into a reliable source of news, reviews, opinions and the latest updates from the world of Android and technology.

Our reports and write-ups have been featured and endorsed by top brands in the industry, apart from mentions and shares on leading tech publications.

We take pride in delivering the latest updates in a timely manner and our team works round the clock to grow our readership and deliver value.

Our focus is on bringing important news to you along with regular selections of the best apps for almost everything under the sun.

The team at TDR includes our Chief Editor Hunain Naseer, along with a team of editors and writers based around the world.

Hunain Naseer
Chief Editor
Hunain Naseer is a lawyer by qualification, writer by profession and techie by choice. After failing at becoming a cricketer, a pilot and a doctor, he resorted to attending law school, freelance writing, graphic designing, digital illustration, singing in the bathroom and taking apart computers for fun. He loves his Android devices and feels unsafe leaving home without one.
Jesse Afolabi
Senior Editor
Jesse is that tech enthusiast you never heard of...he's mainly into things relating to Linux and Android and has an unending passion for both platforms which is why he writes about them. He is also the Senior Editor for UBN and manages a small team of writers.
Lamin Kanteh
Lamin is a curious tech enthusiast who loves reading anything tech related. Lamin's most anticipated tech innovation is virtual reality and spends a lot of his time sniffing the web for any new tech news. He loves Android, but is enjoying writing about Ubuntu as well and is a Senior Writer at UBN.
Divine Martins
Senior Writer
Martins Jr. (Dillivine) Okoi is a final year undergraduate of CS and Mathematics, but being a double major hasn't erased his passion for learning and Cheikh Anta Diop Universitywriting on topics ranging from theoretical implications of computer science and mathematical modelling to music reviews and jokes. In his spare time he listens to music, reads like a compiler and learns like an A.I algorithm.
Jeremy Silver
Associate Writer
Jeremy is a business graduate who loves Android for its influence in the mobile industry and plays basketball in his leisure time. If he’s not covering the latest tech news on TDR, then you may find him at the gym keeping himself in shape.
Sandra Mmegwa
Associate Writer
Sandra is an explorer by nature who loves going out and about. She also loves to sing and is a prominent member of her church choir. Sandra covers the latest tech news on TDR and spends the rest of her time with friends.
McKenzie Teah
Junior Writer
Mackenzie is simple guy but with an extraordinary personality. He has an intense craving for Spirituality which gives him a stress-free lifestyle. If Mackenzie is not found writing Tech then know that he's definitely nodding to the tunes James Blunt.

If you have any feedback, positive or negative, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you and take all your suggestions to make TDR a good, reputable and value-laden source for all Android and tech fans.

-Team TDR

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