A Look at the K8 3G Smartwatch Phone Running Android KitKat 4.4

If you are one of those folks holding out on buying an Android Wear smartwatch mainly because it does less to impress you for the price, and you maybe feel it should rather feature a full-fledged Android OS before you consider it – the “K8 3G Smartwatch Phone” is what you’ve been waiting for.

All the same, if you would rather have your phone strapped to your wrist, you probably want to take a look at the K8 3G strapping device tagged Smartwatch Phone.

Design and Build

The K8 3G Smartwatch Phone is available in only two variants that tout the same features except for the exteriors that are significantly different by color. The device is a look alike of the recently announced Samsung Gear S2 that will give you the feel of a smartwatch while still significantly functioning as a Smartphone.

K8 3G Smartwatch Phone color options

The smartwatch phone features a pin buckle design that has a classic steel case around the watch’s frame with a genuine leather strap band (black or gold) that is convenient to wear and take off – just like a regular wristwatch.

On the right side of the dial, are three hard buttons that will essentially function as your back, menu and home keys from the top to the bottom respectively, whenever you decide not to use the touchscreen.

Underneath the Smartwatch phone is the stainless steel cover that hides the Nano sim holder, speaker, and heart rate monitor.

K8 3G Smartwatch Phone color options back cover K8 3G Smartwatch Phone color options nano sim


The K8 3G Smartwatch phone features a 400×400 1.4-inch OLED (organic light emitting diode) display which is better than most standard displays found on smartwatches running Android Wear. The 1.4-inch OLED round dial touch screen is considered the optimum size with the right resolution that won’t drain your battery or leave you unimpressed. The resolution will give you a great display experience coupled with the rest of the features the smartwatch phone has to offer.

K8 3G Smartwatch Phone display


Powering the K8 3G is a Mediatek processor codenamed MTK6572, clocked at 1Ghz that was meant for entry-level smartphones. The processor is a dual-core based on ARM’s 32-bit cortex A7 design and was originally launched in 2013. The two-core SoC has integrated support for 2G and 3G network bands of GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz, WCDMA: 850/2100MHz respectively, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n), FM, GPS, and Bluetooth 4.0.

Coupled with the MTK6572 is a Mali 400-MP GPU, 512 RAM with 4GB ROM (471.89MB RAM and 3.59GB ROM available respectively) which will do very well with the basic use of your Smartwatch phone. In the video below, Gearbest’s representative was playing flappy bird so it’s safe to assume that it’ll play other non-intensive Android games like Angry Birds.

The K8 watch also comes with a 450mAh battery with its own charging dock which we feel isn’t bad at all considering its optimized OS, power saving MTK6572 chipset and a small 1.4” screen that we assume will keep you running a whole day on an average use.

K8 3G Smartwatch Phone charging dock

Heart rate monitor and Pedometer

The Heart rate monitor and Pedometer are the two most exciting things about the K8 3G that sets it closer to an Android Wear device. The watch can monitor your heart rate when you set it on and it has this cool green light that continually blinks while the heart rate monitor is on (of course you don’t get to see it while it’s strapped on).

K8 3G Smartwatch Phone hear rate monitor

K8 3G Smartwatch Phone heart rate green light

The Pedometer function records the steps you take by detecting the motion of your hands or hips and counts the distance to make you fully control your sports after you might have properly calibrated it which you’ll just have to do once.

Rounding up

The device has its own custom Android skin that is a look alike of the Android Wear UI and based on KitKat 4.4. It comes pre-installed with the Google Play Store and will support media playback with regular music formats like MP3, WAV and AAC; and video formats like AVI and MP4.

K8 3G Smartwatch Phone music

The K8 3G supports a total of 35 languages and inside the package you’ll find the K8 3G Smartwatch Phone, a charging dock, single USB cable and a screwdriver to help open the bottom cover.

At $130, the K8 3G Smartwatch Phone is a winner – not only will it function as a Smartwatch (except that it won’t pair with your phone) but it will essentially function as a smartphone.

The only downside is that the K8 3G doesn’t come with a camera; however, this is hardly a disadvantage for a device that packs lots of other features; therefore, we recommend the watch if you’re looking for a device that combines the functionalities of a phone and a smartwatch as long as you don’t mind the lack of a camera.

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What are your thoughts on the K8 3G Smartwatch Phone and will you be getting one? Let us know in the comments below.

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