A Concept Smartphone From Meizu Spotted Online

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It looks like Xiaomi has started something awesome with the introduction of the first concept smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi Mix as we can see other OEMs beginning to push out renders of concept smartphone of their own.

The most recent of these manufactures is Meizu, from which we have seen a concept smartphone which comes in with a truly bezel less display which spans throughout the front panel. It looks like something from a Si-fiction movie, nonetheless, of Xiaomi could bring theirs to live, we believe Meizu would not fail to either.


One really captivating feature of this smartphone is the display which unlike the Mi Mix doesn’t has what we might refer to as more than 100% screen-to-body ratio with no space below or above the display bringing in question of how the selfie camera would be implemented.


Judging by what we have seen from this manufacturer in times past, this manufacturer has always had their main market as a flagship device OEM. Nonetheless, with the recent launching of a variant to the Meizu Pro 6 – released earlier this year – dubbed the Meizu Pro 6S which isn’t as powerful as other flagship devices currently surfing the market.


Therefore, we have reason to believe that Meizu would be concentrating their efforts on shipping out a flagship smartphone which is worthy of bringing them up the ranks in the Chinese market.


So, although the concept smartphone being seen in the images above look way more beautiful than the Mi Mix, there is a possibility that the device isn’t real and would still remain a concept idea for a long time. Nonetheless, the date on the teaser indicate that we are in for something new on the 24th of December.

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