8 Tips for Taking Better Selfies on Android Phones (Guys & Girls)

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Selfies are fun, they are in and your grandma has probably taken one too. If you’ve got an Android phone, whether it is high-end or not, you can also join into the craze and take selfies to post on your favourite social networks and feeds. Today we’re going to share tips for taking better selfies using your Android phones (whether you are a guy or a girl).

#1. Install one of the Top 10 Selfie Camera Apps

Top 10 Selfie Camera Apps for Android

If you’re going to be taking selfies with your Android phone, you need to install dedicated selfie camera apps which come with several features and tools made specifically to enhance selfies. Normal camera apps don’t always have these features, and since there are a lot of free selfie apps, it wouldn’t hurt you to try one.

Check out our selection of the 10 Best Android Apps for Taking Selfies

#2. Don’t always use the front-facing camera

Tips for Taking Better Selfies on Android

While it seems natural that the front-facing camera on your Android phone should be used for selfies, it’s not always the best idea. Most phones have functional front-facing cameras which are only good for informal video chats. Moreover, front-facing cameras also flip images, which means the final picture doesn’t really look like the preview before you take a selfie.

Hence, if the front-facing camera isn’t cutting it for you, it’s better to use the rear camera. The only thing you’ll need to do is make sure you practice with varying distances and angles to see how the final pictures come out.

#3. Make sure you are facing a light source

Taking Better Selfies on Android

The camera on your Android phone may have a flash, but you shouldn’t use it for selfies. Instead, you should be facing towards a light source, like a bulb, lamp or the sun. The point here is to ensure that light is falling directly onto your face so it is well-lit for the camera. Dimly lit surroundings will almost always lead to grainy, blurry and unclear selfies.

#4. Double check your background

Tips for Taking Better Selfies

The web is full of selfie fails, especially where people weren’t exactly careful about their backgrounds. Safe choices include clear walls and curtains, minimizing distractions and reducing the risk of embarrassment. Moreover, clear backgrounds ensure that the selfie is focused on you.

However, sometimes good background choices (like exotic locations, historic monuments and buildings) can lead to epic selfies. So in the end it’s up to your own judgement.

#5.  Place yourself towards one corner of the photo

Tips for Taking Better Selfies on Android

Most good selfies are about placement. If you are dead in the centre of an image, chances are it’s not going to turn out as good as it would if you were towards one edge. A good technique for this is to crop your photos later on, but with practice and experimentation you can figure out good angles.

#6. Raise your head and push your neck forward

Tips for Taking Better Selfies on Android

Don’t like your double chin? No worries. Just raise your head and push your neck a little forward to improve the overall appearance of your face. This is a trick for better selfies, but is by no means a substitute for a healthy diet and weight control.

#7. Be yourself, be candid

Tips for Taking Better Selfies on Android

The best selfies are those which reflect your true nature. Be yourself, be candid and don’t sweat it. Your natural smile is most likely to be your best, so don’t shy away from smiling either. Remember, it’s just a selfie, don’t be too conscious of how you’ll look.

#8. Try some photo editing apps for final touches

Android Photo Editing Apps

Even though the selfie apps linked to in the first step cover most of your editing needs. You can still try out a few post-selfie photo editing apps for on your Android phone. If you’re looking for a good selection, check out our post about the Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android Phones & Tablets.

We hope you keep snapping some great selfies with these tips and apps. Don’t shy away from sharing your instagram or selfies on social networks by commenting below!

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