5 Reasons Not to Upgrade to GoPro HERO8 from HERO7

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GoPro’s action cameras need no introduction and have found a place in every photo/videographer’s collection because they are great, durable and reliable everyday cameras. However, I’ve got a bunch of issues with the new HERO8 and here are 5 reasons not to upgrade from HERO7 to HERO8.

#1. HERO8 has the same sensors as HERO7

There is no discernable image/video quality difference when it comes to HERO8 and HERO7, in fact, the underlying hardware is almost the same, which means if you’ve got the HERO7, an upgrade to HERO8 will do nothing for your video quality.

#2. HERO8 does not have lens protection like HERO7

The front lens of your HERO7 has a protective cover which is removable, and hence replaceable. In the event that you drop your HERO7 and crack the lens cover, it is cheap to get a new one.

However, on the HERO8, GoPro has done away with the removable cover and it is now Gorilla Glass, which is not unbreakable. So now, if you break it, you have to buy a new camera, yikes!

#3. HERO8 has built-in mounting arms, which WILL break!

Unlike the HERO7, the HERO8 has built-in mounting arms, which are convenient, but hardly a practical solution. The mounting arms handle the bulk of pressure during mounted rides, especially on rocky roads and such. I can’t imagine these built-in mounting arms lasting nearly as long – luckily you can buy replacements, but that’s just more money going to GoPro.

Upgrade HERO8
The new, GoPro HERO8 Black

#4. HyperSmooth 2.0 will be disabled if you use older batteries

The only key feature of the HERO8, in my view, is HyperSmooth 2.0 (which is incredibly smooth), but even that won’t be enabled on the HERO8 unless I use new HERO8 batteries. If like me, you have purchased several extra batteries for your GoPro, you’ll be stuck with HyperSmooth 1.0 for the price of HyperSmooth 2.0.

#5. HERO8 doesn’t work with Karma Grip

The Karma Grip is among the best GoPro gimbals and is quite pricey at around $300, but…it won’t even work with the HERO8. Many HERO8 buyers are asking if GoPro can build a mounting frame for Karma Grip, but the fact that GoPro is touting HERO8’s video stabilization abilities means they won’t be scrambling to launch gimbal support.

To conclude, I want to clarify that the HERO8 is a great action camera! In fact, if you are using the HERO5 or an older GoPro you can consider an upgrade, but it doesn’t add up for HERO7 owners, especially if you’ve already invested in extras like spare batteries, frames, and gimbals.

If GoPro continues in this direction and takes the same design forward in future generations, I will consider upgrading a few iterations down the road, but for now, my HERO7 with HyperSmooth 1.0 + Karma Grip is good enough for me.

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