5 Best Free BlackBerry Games on BB 10.3 OS (Tested on Q10)

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Hi there BlackBerry users! It’s been a while since we published something for our BlackBerry readers so today we decided to write about and share the 5 best free BlackBerry games on BB OS 10 which we’ve been playing for a while now.

While BlackBerry App World mainly has paid games and apps, there are a few free gems in there and the games we’re going to be listing below are some of them. You can download them on any BlackBerry 10 phone (they work on the latest BB OS 10.3) and we’ve tested them on the BlackBerry Q10.

#1. Kiwi Wonder

Kiwi Wonder

Kiwi Wonder, by Funkoi is one of the best free games for BlackBerry 10 phones. You are well, an adorable Kiwi, who obviously can’t fly and when you turn to a jetpack, you get to face other birds who aren’t exactly friendly.

At the heart of it, Kiwi Wonder is like Flappy Bird, where the simple tap and release controls keep the game rolling. However, you have to grab coins, catch upgrades, pick up different vehicles and suits, dodge and even drop birds that get in your way.

Kiwi Wonder Game for BlackBerry Q10

The point of the game is to keep flying for as long as you can without being hit by other birds. You have a limited number of lives, but you can pick up more on the way. The game has a good amount of challenge and gets harder as you fly farther. It is completely free to download and play, the graphics and animations are nicely done and the music fits right in. The game has in-app purchases for boosts and Kiwi skins, but you don’t need them to have fun.

If you’re looking for a great time killer with some challenge, you should download Kiwi Wonder on your BB 10 phone.

Kiwi Wonder BlackBerry 10 Game on Q10

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#2. Alpha Zero

Alpha Zero Space Shooter Free Game for BB Q10

Another title by Funkoi, Alpha Zero gives you control of an experimental space ship as you battle enemies, blast your way through asteroids and face bosses in this fast-paced shooter.

The controls are simple and you can use both your hands since the game supports multi-touch. You maneuver your craft and use a variety of unlockable weapons as you progress through a familiar sci-fi script backed by impressive voice overs and sound effects.

The graphics are nothing to scoff at either, and for a free game, Alpha Zero will impress. In terms of gameplay, it can get a little tedious after a while, but it’s another entertaining time killer that deserves a download on your BB 10 phone.

Alpha Zero Space Shooter for BB 10

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#3. Retro Runners

Retro Runners Free Game for BlackBerry 10

Whether you’re a fan of endless runners or not, few people won’t enjoy Retro Runners. It’s got everything going for it, including the retro graphics, the music and the addictive gameplay. It is deceptively difficult and only gets tougher as you run along and try to keep your runner up and, well running.

Retro Runners free BlackBerry Game

The game is completely free to download and play and while there are in-app purchases, you don’t need them unless you want to change your runner’s skin and get more revives. All in all, we highly recommend that you download Retro Runners to kill some time on the go.

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#4. Tunnel X

Tunnel X for BlackBerry 10

Tunnel X is all about pumping beats and speed as you try to maneuver your way through a tunnel all the while avoiding laser gates. The game is fast and only gets faster as you go along and can be increasingly frustrating if you’re not used to being challenged this way.

The graphics are great, the music fits perfectly and the game starts up fast and you can get straight into the action quickly. The controls are simple but you may need to increase the sensitivity to make things a little easier.

Free BlackBerry Game Tunnel X

It may not be for everyone, but Tunnel X will get your adrenaline up if you play it with music, the way it’s meant to be played.

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#5. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Despicable Me Minion Rush BlackBerry Q10

Minion Rush never gets old and if you’re a fan of the animated movie you’re going to love the game too. It’s basically an endless runner where you get to choose a minion and then maneuver your way around different levels, including Gru’s Lab and fight bosses.

Despicable Me Minion Rush BlackBerry 10

It’s not very easy though and without making in-app purchases you will not be able to revive your minion after crashing into an obstacle. However, for a free game, you get good graphics, good sound effects and a gameplay that gets a lot of fun if you can focus and keep going.
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While there are other great free games available on BlackBerry App World, we hope you’re going to try the ones we’ve listed on your BlackBerry 10 phone if you haven’t already.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in installing Android games on your BB 10 phone, that is also possible, but not all of them will work. For that we recommend you check out: Installing Snap on BlackBerry 10 to get Google Play Store.

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