5 Best Android Apps for Teachers

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Educators know that technology has the potential to make teaching more effective. While computers have been widely used in the education sector ever since they were made accessible to the public, today’s generation of teachers have phones, tablets, and other gadgets at their disposal. As Android reigns over other popular mobile operating systems, educators can look to using mobile apps to assist them in teaching their students and preparing their lessons.

On that note, we’ve put together a list of some of the best Android apps to help teachers excel at their jobs.

For productivity

On a computer, teachers can use office suite applications to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations — all of which are essential if they want to maximize their productivity in the classroom. Thanks to the increased computing power of Android phones and tablets, teachers can now access office suite applications like what’s included in Microsoft’s Office 365 and G Suite to create necessary files on the go. The files they make and view are also stored on the app’s cloud storage, allowing them to work even if they’re not connected to the internet.

For self-improvement

Teachers shouldn’t stop learning, either. As educators, they must keep themselves up-to-date in the fields that they specialize in. TED is an Android app that contains more than 3,000 talks from people who’ve made significant strides in their respective fields. Teachers can use this to gather inspiration and broaden their perspectives in a myriad of disciplines. For teachers who want to save meaningful online articles to read for later, they can use Pocket to capture content and make it available offline.

Price: Free
  • TED Screenshot
  • TED Screenshot
  • TED Screenshot

For remote teaching

Virtual classrooms have been gaining traction in recent years as institutions look for ways to make education more accessible. However, the current global health crisis has forced schools to temporarily close, so educators were propelled to continue their jobs from the comfort of their homes.

Because of this, distance learning tools like screencasting and teleconferencing apps have become invaluable resources for teachers. In a list of the best screencasting software on HP, the tech company recommends Google Classroom’s Screencast-O-Matic app as the most useful one of all, as it is easy to use, customizable, and secure.

While it may cost teachers $20 a year to use Screencast-O-Matic, its integration with other distance learning tools on Android has made this app well worth every penny. As for teleconferencing, apps like Zoom and Google Hangouts provide teachers a way to communicate with their students remotely.

For creating engaging lessons

For students to easily absorb learning material, teachers must craft fun and engaging lessons. To do this, they have to think outside the box and design interesting activities or dazzling presentations.

For teachers who need easy access to a list of DIY science and creative projects, Instructables is an Android app containing more than 100,000 ideas and instructions to make learning more fun.

Another useful app where teachers can create fun elements to add in class presentations is the Android version of the online design platform Canva. From infographic templates to video editing tools, teachers can use Canva to make their lessons more impactful.

For receiving student feedback

Students will learn a lot from their teachers, and vice versa. If teachers want to improve the way they teach, their students can give them feedback to find any weak spots in their teaching method. A community post on Your Story recommends Crowd Signs for educators who want an app where they can create polls and questionnaires on anything that they need their students’ input on.

Kahoot is another Android app that teachers should use if they want students to answer quizzes or surveys. What’s great about Kahoot is that students can also enter their own questions to be answered by other students, allowing teachers to foster virtual interaction within the class.

Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes
Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes
Developer: Kahoot!
Price: Free+
  • Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes Screenshot
  • Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes Screenshot
  • Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes Screenshot

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