2017 Apple Handsets To Feature Curved OLED Touch Panels

Apple dished out the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus smartphone last year and since then till now, the handset has been getting positive remarks leading many to head over to online stores and place an order. The handset brought new technology to the table as well as niche implementations.

With this device, the Fruit Company has proven to many why they are referred to as one of the Top Guns in the smartphone spectrum. Nonetheless, although the iPhone 7 was an almost flawless handset, the folks over at Apple have it that the upcoming iPhone 8 would be much better.

The iPhone 8 is expected in this 2017 which is the year that also coincides with the Cupertino Company’s 10th Year  Anniversary. In this light, there is word out that Apple would be celebrating this by shipping of their flagship device for this year with OLED touch panels. From the looks of things, they have already kicked off with plans for the next generation of iPhone flagships.


Apple has already reached out to the Korean Giant’s Samsung, who would be their sole supplier, providing them with between 70 million to 95 million OLED panels for their handsets for this year. More rumors have it that we would not only be getting the iPhone 8 this year from the manufacturer as other devices would also be made official.

Among the other handset expected to launch this year are the upgrades of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which would be tagged with the moniker iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. The premium version of the iPhone 8 has also been said to come with a massive price tag of about $1000 when it goes official.


These three handsets are all device worth the wait as Apple has rarely disappointed in terms of delivering handsets that become the talk of the town. We still have some months before they go live so stay tuned as we would endeavor to bring the latest news to you all.

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