12 Best Icon Packs & Themes for Android Available for Free

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We all love new icon packs and themes for our Android phones and tablets and luckily a ton of good ones come up every few months on the Play Store.

It’s been a while since our last post on some of the best paid and free Android icon pack themes and this time we’re back with 15 more awesome icon packs – and the best thing? they’re all free. Just go through the list below, pick themes you like, click on the Play Store links and download them directly, don’t forget to leave your feedback though.

#1. Fimbo Icon Pack for Android

Fimbo is a gorgeous new icon pack for Android devices that follows the Material Design guidelines and is available for free on the Play Store.

The pack currently includes around 500 icons along with about 50 HD wallpapers and is updated regularly by the developer. Icons here are clean, crisp and work well with most popular launchers including Nova, ADW, Apex, Atom, Go, Smart and Holo.

Muzei support and Zooper skins are also included and if want to request an icon you can do so from within the pack. All in all, we think Fimbo deserves a download.

Fimbo Icon Pack Theme for Android

Download from Google Play

#2. Polycon Icon Pack for Android

Another beautiful material design icon pack theme for Android, Polycon is a clean minimalistic looking icon pack that goes well with any device.

While the number of icons is currently a little low, the developer updates the pack regularly and you can use it with almost any custom launcher like Nova, ADW, Action, Solo, Atom, Aviate etc.

The developer has also included custom wallpapers and you can request icons for apps that aren’t skinned by the pack as well.

Polycon Icon Pack Theme for Android

Download from Google Play

#3. Glim Icon Pack for Android

Fully utilizing the Material Design color palette, Glim icon pack brings vibrant yet minimalistic looking icons to your Android with great depth and details.

The best thing about Glim however is that there are a lot of alternate icons to choose from, which means you can create your own custom themes with compatible launchers like Nova, Apex, ADW, Go and Holo etc.

Currently the free version of Glim includes more than 3,000 icons and around 80 wallpapers; however, if you want to request custom icons or get faster updates you will need to go with the paid version, though its not at all necessary to enjoy it as it is.

Glim Android Icon Pack Theme Free

Download from Google Play

#4. Rondo Icon Pack for Android

Rondo is a clean, round icon pack theme with good details and shadows (who doesn’t like shadows on icons?). There are about 1700 icons included in the free pack currently along with 19 wallpapers.

You can also request custom icons for apps that are not covered but the pack also includes a default mask for unthemed apps. The developer regularly updates the icon pack and has also thrown in an analog clock widget and Muzei support.

Rondo Android Icon Pack Theme

Download from Google Play

#5. Moonshine Icon Pack for Android

Moonshine is an interesting icon pack which is “inspired” by Google’s Material Design guidelines rather than following them to the letter.

The developers add their own creative touches to all icons including adding shadows and going for a flatter look. You won’t find all the icons in the pack to be the same in terms of design but nearly all your apps will be themed by the pack.

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The pack supports Muzei wallpapers and currently includes over 900 high definition icons along with some gorgeous wallpapers. It works well with tablets too and supported launchers include the usual ones like Nova, Holo, Go, Atom, Apex and ADW.

Moonshine Icon Pack Theme for Android

Download from Google Play

#6. Tyles Icon Pack for Android

Another clear, flat Material Design icon pack theme for Android, Tyles includes over 1500 HD icons including dynamic calendar icon support and 10 wallpapers.

Unthemed icons are also masked nicely and you can use the icon request tool to contact the developer for custom icons.

The icon pack is updated fairly frequently and supports all major Android launchers. If you like this pack, the developer also has a couple more free icon packs which are pretty good as well.

Tyles Android Icon Pack Theme Free

Download from Google Play

#7. Candycons Icon Pack for Android

Candycons is a fairly new icon pack that beautifully follows Google’s Material Design guidelines. It doesn’t cover all apps at the moment and only has about 460 icons in its library but the developer keeps adding more regularly.

The most common launchers are all supported, including Action, Go, Holo, Apex and Atom apart from CyanogenMod’s Theme engine.

Muzei support is also built-in along with an icon request tool and 25 beautiful wallpapers to spruce up your Android home screen.

Candycons Android Icon Pack Theme Free Download

Download from Google Play

#8. VIT Icon Pack for Android

We always try to include a good white icon pack in every selection and VIT Icon pack makes the cut this time. Its, clear, minimal, has good depth and looks great.

Currently the pack includes 2000 icons that render beautifully on QHD displays and you also get an icon mask for unthemed apps. The pack works with CyanogenMod’s theme engine as well as popular custom launchers.

VIT Android Icon Pack Theme

Download from Google Play

#9. Nex Icon Pack for Android

We like Nex icon pack because its flat and simple but does not compromise on its color scheme. You get over 2,000 icons and 14 HD wallpapers along with Muzei support and an icon request tool for custom requests.

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The icon pack supports most common launchers and the developer updates it fairly frequently with new icons and redesigns.

Next Icon Pack Theme for Android Free

Download from Google Play

#10. Candy Material Icon Pack for Android

A simple and clean Material Design icon pack for Android, Candy is great for giving your device a fresh look and is compatible with Android 4.2, 4.4 and the latest 5.0 Lollipop.

The icon pack is fairly new but the developer updates it regularly. Supported launches include Apex, Nova, ADW, Holo and Go, and you can also request icons for unthemed apps if required.

Candy Material Android Icon Pack Theme

Download from Google Play

#11. Numix Circle Icon Pack for Android

Developed by NumixProject, this is a free, open-source icon pack with over 250 icons and more are added with updates.

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Unthemed apps also get masked icons and the pack generally has a clean circular design with subtle shadows. You will obviously need a launcher to theme your Android with this pack and it supports all major launchers along with CM12 theme engine.

Numix Icon Pack for Android Free

Download from Google Play

#12. GEL Icon Pack for Android

GEL icon pack has minimalistic, semi-transparent icons for almost all apps and looks great with complimenting wallpapers.

Currently the pack includes over 1,000 icons and Muzei support for wallpapers and works with most custom launchers including Nova, Apex, Go, Holo and Smart Launcher.

GEL Android Icon Pack Theme Free

Download from Google Play

This is it for now and we hope you like these new free Android icon packs and themes. If you have any recommendations please feel free to comment below. Meanwhile, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback as well. If you like us, you can also scroll down and subscribe for email updates and join our list of awesome readers.

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