10 Best Live Wallpapers for Android Phones and Tablets

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While we often talk about Android’s customization options, especially when it comes to visual elements, the spotlight is stolen by launchers, widgets and themes. The Android live wallpaper feature is sadly overlooked and a lot of people aren’t too familiar with it either.

Live wallpapers for Android devices basically animate your background and/or make it interactive, adding more visual depth. They also work well with both phones and tablets, and generally look better on bigger displays and high to mid-range devices.

Today we’re going to look at 10 of the best live wallpapers for Android phones and tablets (in our opinion), and hope that you guys are going to try and like them.

#1. Space Colony Live Wallpaper

Whether you’re a science fiction fan or not, Space Colony is one gorgeous Android live wallpaper. It features stunning 3D graphics, smooth camera panning and a lot of customization options for you to play with. Check out the video below to see the live wallpaper in action.

You can change up the city lights, the toxic aura that surrounds it and camera track. Playing around with these options can lead to stunning combinations as the city literally comes alive and the live wallpaper looks great on both phones and tablets.

Best Android Live Wallpaper

While it’s not free, we highly recommend Space Colony if you want a visually stunning live wallpaper with all the bells and whistles.

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Download from Google Play

#2. Paperland Live Wallpaper

Paperland is a very simple scrolling landscape live wallpaper which changes with the time of the day. Like the name suggests, everything is a paper cut-out, including the trees, clouds, birds and the cars that make up the scenery. Check out the video below for a demo.

The free version of the live wallpaper includes three different themes, and if you like it, you can go pro to unlock about two dozen more. It’s light, doesn’t drain a lot of battery and requires location, internet and media files access via permissions.

Paperland Live Android Wallpaper

Download from Google Play

#3. Twisted Colors Live Wallpaper

Twisted Colors is like one of those classics that never get too old. It gives you a hypnotic display of fast moving colors which can be customized to your liking. The video below shows the live wallpaper in action along with the different options you’ll have.

The best thing about Twisted Colors is that its smooth and fast, even on low and mid-range Android phones and tablets and is completely free to download. The only downside is that you can’t pick custom colors and are restricted to the available themes. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend it.

Twisted Colors Android Live Wallpaper

Download from Google Play

#4. Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper

If you want to wake up to a warm and welcoming live wallpaper, Sun Rise is a great option, with its serene landscape with the rising sun backdrop. Its soothing and I personally love the birds flying across the sky – you can also interact with the birds and the trees by tapping on them.

Sunrise Free Live Wallpaper for Android

Sun Rise is also free to download, with a pro version that unlocks more features. Performance wise, Sun Rise does well on both phones and tablets, but can lag just a little on low-end devices. It doesn’t have any noticeable battery drain however, and isn’t very distracting either.

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Download from Google Play

#5. Space Invaders Live Wallpaper

Inspired by the arcade game with the same name, Space Invaders is simple but gives a classic retro look to your Android device. It uses OpenGL and the graphics are smooth and high quality, even on low and mid-range phones and tablets.

You can also customize the live wallpaper by choosing the number of space invaders (which can be reduced to improve performance on low-end devices) and their speed. Since it’s completely free to download, you have no excuse for not giving it a go.

Space Invaders Live Wallpaper for Android

Download from Google Play

#6. Fresh Leaves Live Wallpaper

One of my personal favorites, Fresh Leaves is a paid live wallpaper but is worth every cent. It has high quality graphics, a pleasant scene, and a lot of customization options to change its appearance. When you try it, you are instantly going to fall in love with how the leaves light up on your screen.

You can also choose seasonal themes like winter, summer, spring and autumn and even change up the background and turn on the time-of-the-day mode. I have tested the live wallpaper on a lot of different Android phones and tablets and it works great on low and mid range devices as well.

Fresh Leaves Live Wallpaper for Android

Download from Google Play

#7. Fluffy Chu Live Wallpaper

Chu is an adorable little critter created by Kiku apps and can bring your Android to live with its cuteness overload. The graphics are really nice and you can even interact with Chu to see different reactions.

You can also customize the background and outfit Chu with props, all of which can be unlocked by playing the Chu Jump game by the same developer.

For a free live wallpaper Fluffy Chu is great, includes sound effects and performs well on both phones and tablets. If you’re looking for a cute live wallpaper, we recommend you give this a go.

Fluffy Chu Android Live Wallpaper

Download from Google Play

#8. Autumn Tree Free Wallpaper

Autumn Tree is another free live wallpaper much like the Fresh Leaves live wallpaper we’ve listed above. It has high quality graphics and runs smoothly on Android phones and tablets. Check out the video below to see it in action.

While it is free to download, customization options are only unlocked in the pro version. Nevertheless, even if you don’t want to purchase the pro version, the free version works well and looks great as it is.

Autumn Leaves Free Live Wallpaper Android

Download from Google Play

#9. Mountains Now Free Wallpaper

Inspired by Google Now’s mountain theme, the Mountains Now wallpaper looks great as boats journey upriver with beautiful mountains and clouds in the backdrop. The wallpaper also utilizes the parallax effect if your device has a gryoscope and works well on low-end phones and tablets.

There is a paid version of this live wallpaper as well, which allows you to change the time of the day or let it change automatically in real-time. Even if you don’t go for the paid version, the free version of this live wallpaper is great as it is.

Mountains Now Android Live Wallpaper

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Download from Google Play

#10. Awesome Land Live Wallpaper

Awesome Land is another great live wallpaper which is available for free and looks swell. It has multiple themes and allows you to interact with it via swiping and tapping, and you can also customize the birds and particles in the wallpaper.

The wallpaper does have ads, but they aren’t very intrusive, the only downside is that it needs to be better optimized because it can be a little buggy at times. Nevertheless, it’s a good option if you’re looking for a nice nature-themed live wallpaper for your Android phone or tablet.

Awesome Land Live Wallpaper for Android

Download from Google Play

We hope you like our selection of the best live wallpapers for Android phones and tablets. If you have any other recommendations or suggestions please feel free to comment below and let us know.

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