10 Apps You Should Download to Your New Smartphone

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It seems that every so often there’s a new app on the market listed as a “must-have.” The trends are constantly changing, and the apps change with them, too.

With the majority of the people switching out their old smartphones for new ones every 21 months, it’s sometimes difficult to discern which apps are truly a must-have for their new device.

The following list is everything but comprehensive. However, it does contain some essential apps for all new smartphone owners.

Essential Security Apps

essential security apps

Cybersecurity should be everyone’s top priority, especially now that cyber attacks are the fastest-growing crime in the US. Smartphones usually contain a lot of sensitive information, which is why installing security apps on new smartphones should be essential for everyone.

The three smartphone security apps that are necessary are:

  1. An Antivirus App

Antivirus apps act as a shield against viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, and others. There are many popular antivirus apps, and most of them have a free version that can be downloaded both from the Google Play store and Apple Store.

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  1. A Mobile VPN

Since smartphones are usually connected to public networks, it can be difficult to keep them secure even with the best antimalware app.

This is why investing in a mobile VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a must. A mobile VPN creates a secure connection between the device and the network by hiding it from other users and encrypting it.

All internet traffic is routed through remote servers, hiding the device activity from the internet provider, VPN provider, and any prying eyes.

  1. A Password Manager

The last of the essential security apps for new smartphones is any of the password manager apps out there. Usually, the first step toward improved cybersecurity is creating strong and unique passwords.

Keeping track of all the different passwords used for email accounts, social media, bank accounts, etc. can be a big hassle. With a password manager, all passwords are kept secure under a single master password.

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Daily Update Apps

daily update apps

The next set of apps that should be downloaded to a new smartphone are those which allow users to stay in touch with their surroundings by constantly updating them.

  1. A Weather App

Most users have probably experienced issues with the default weather apps that come with their new smartphones. They’re either inaccurate, regarding both the weather forecast itself and the location, or they’re slow and don’t update regularly.

Both Google Play and App Store have lots of great weather apps, so all new users need to do is look at the reviews to find out which ones are the best.

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  1. A News App

Regardless of which news portals the users prefer and which ones they trust, keeping up with the current events is important. Downloading a trusted news app can help everyone keep up to date with all the relevant information.

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Apps to Stay Connected and Safe

Apps for Connectivity

Social media apps are among the most downloaded non-gaming apps globally, but they’re not the only ones that allow users to stay connected.

Going back to the topic of security, downloading secure calls and messaging apps gives users the chance to connect, and enjoy their privacy.

  1. A Messaging App

Certain messaging apps offer great encryption and keep all the users’ conversations safe and private. Most of them only work when both users have the same app, however.

Users can find and install some of the various messaging apps that work even when only one of the users has them, while still offering end-to-end encryption, even in SMS.

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  1. Secure Calls

Ensuring that the private calls stay private is just as important as keeping the messages under lock. Various apps that ensure secure calls can be found online for free. Most of them rely on the default phone apps for making and receiving calls, but they offer end-to-end encryption.

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Miscellaneous Apps

There are countless miscellaneous apps that serve to entertain, educate, or simply make the users’ lives a bit more convenient. Whatever the users need, there’s an app for that. Some of the best miscellaneous apps include:

  1. A Photo App

The best photo apps are those that are user-friendly and offer plenty of features. Various filters, editing tools, cropping options, etc. Great photo apps are easy to find for both Android and iPhone.

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  1. A Fitness App

A couch potato, or a fitness freak, everyone can reap the benefits of a good fitness app. They help users keep track of their physical activity, some offer interesting programs for exercising, and all of them can help improve the user’s lifestyle.

  1. Entertainment

Entertainment is just as important as everything else, and whatever the user’s preference, entertainment apps come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular apps are the ones that offer streaming services, and most of them come at a very affordable price point.

From mobile VPN to weather or fitness apps, all of these are important ones to have on a new smartphone, and they can prove to be useful for Android and iPhone users alike.

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