1 Million Ulefone Power Smartphones has been Shipped Already

It is not doubt that the smartphone market in China has turned out to be the most competitive market in the world giving the rate at which their native manufacturer dish out and technology that is trending, like when fingerprint scanners came into the pictures, large screens and measly batteries.

One area which has been exploited the most, however is the battery segment as it has now become a tedious assignment to find out how many of this smartphones are around making it difficult for users to make up their mind on which measly battery phone they should go for.


Nonetheless, upon this boatload of smartphones out their, one OEM, Ulefone seems to have bee thriving above these troubled waters with their Ulefone Power smartphone which they launched about 9 months ago and according to them, this handset has sold more than 1 million units.

This number is more than impressive but again, it might just be a hoax, just another way manufacturers trick the public into having faith in their products. The folks over at Ulefone attribute this massive sale records to the fact that they have been consistently dropping the price of the Ulefone Power – 7 times so far – which indeed gives the phone a long life span.

Ulefone Power


We have seen this method also work for other top Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi and OnePLus who have built awesome devices that end up having their prices slashed every now and then giving other lower budget people the chance to lay their hands on the device.

As of now, the Ulefone power which was costing above the $200 bill when it went official some months ago, is now going for just a little below $150.00.

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