ZTE Releases Details of their Upcoming Axon 7s Smartphone — Includes 6GB RAM, SD821, Google Daydream and Dual Camera

Last year, ZTE launched the Axon 7 smartphone which shook the market hard as it went official with the then trending snapdragon 820 processor. Some few weeks back this OEM released a press image with regards to a successor to this device dubbed the ZTE Axon 7s which will be powered by a Snapdragon 821 chipset. Nonetheless, that was all the details that were dished out with regards to this new handset.

Now, they have taken out time to let all know what to expect with regards to this new upcoming handset. One of the main features of this new smartphone will be the support for Google Daydream which it is expected to go official with.


The Axon 7 featured 4GB of RAM, and now, the folks over at ZTE has bumped this up to 6GB which will be blended with 128GB of internal storage space. One of the few similarities between this handset and its predecessor is the 5.5 inch Full HD display it has been said to feature.


There will be a dual camera on the back panel which comprises of a 20Mpix Sony IMX350 sensor paired up with a 12Mpix IMX368 shooter.  This dual cam will be accompanied upfront by the same 8-megapixel selfie snapper that the Axon 7 went official with.


The Axon 7s is powered by 3,400mAh battery pack that should keep your piston fingers thumping for many hours. Not also forgetting to mention the addition of Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology through the USB Type-C charging port made available.

As of now, the handset is not yet available but, there is word out that when the device goes on sale in the few coming weeks, it would be asking for $595.

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