YotaPhone 3 in Development

Russian company Yota Devices is back with a bang after its earlier failure with previous smartphone devices. In 2003, the first YotaPhone was released and dubbed as the first smartphone in the world with 2displays: a 4.3” 720-pixel primary display and a secondary 4.3 display grayscale screen on the back.

Afterwards, the second generation was unveiled featuring a larger 5.0” 1080 pixel screen on one side and a second 4.7” grayscale screen on the other side. Thereafter, the YotaPhone 2 was released prior to a crowdfunding campaign which failed to gain significant interest as it tried to enter the lucrative North American market.

Another cheaper version called the YotaPhone 2C failed to materialise after planned efforts to expand into the United Kingdom with a dedicated team, as most of them working there had to quit. And just before the end of 2015, the Russian company stated that it was partnering with ZTE to release the YotaPhone 3 in the first quarter of 2016, up until this moment, the device hasn’t been released.

After much silence on its social media accounts, including its Facebook page which has been relatively quiet and the last tweet can be traced back to May 2016, as a result of the embarrassing cancellation of the YotaPhone 2. This prompted hundreds of refunds to frustrated Indiegogo backers.


A new post on its official Instagram page appears to confirm a third iteration of the unique dual-sided smartphone, as it is been translated from Russian: “Thank you for your interest in our product. At the moment, we are developing the third generation of the smartphone. Follow us on our official group. Sincerely, the YotaPhone Team.”

No details of the upcoming product were revealed, but we believe the company will keep to their words in order to compensate their fans who have waited for long.

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