Xiaomi to Put More Efforts on Their Redmi Smartphones and Other Gadgets

There is no doubt that China is the largest smartphone market which is as a result of the many inhabitants and uncountable OEMs basing there. However, amongst the lot is one manufacturer, Xiaomi, who have managed to make themselves amongst the best with devices in different price ranges and many different series, with more regards to their mid-tier Redmi Series.

The Xiaomi Redmi series is not a stranger to our site as have propelled and sold over 100 million smartphones over the years, and we do know that there is no doubt that Xiaomi is happy with the outcome of their sales.

Now the Chinese Giant wants to maintain the continuous sales and that is why they are showing a lot of care in the welfare of this series in particular. Reporters announced the Redmi 3S with an increased Qualcomm chipset, the Snapdragon 430 instead of the previous Snapdragon 616 that was used to power the old models.

Basically, the device is said to be out for presale at Gearbest — which is one of the most famous Chinese online retailers — although prices haven’t been revealed yet but hopefully, it will be out as soon as the device is launched. But probably that isn’t only the offer Gearbest has for Xiaomi’ products.

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Xiaomi being a smart device manufacturer, it has produced a lot of devices which are pretty good and affordable. To find all smartphone device produced by Xiaomi, log on to Xiaomi Smart Life there is also some discount on each product. However, there will be a time limit of 2 days for most products while most will extend to a period of two weeks. There are devices available for sale in the store, like Xiaomi smart Mi Purifier  or the Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced Any interested individual should hurry and grab one because not many pieces are left.

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