Xiaomi Mi Mix To Get a Lower Priced Version?

Being the first manufacturer to commercially make available a concept smartphone in the form of the Xiaomi Mi Mix, Xiaomi has since then been on the headlines. Now, there is news pointing out that there would be another variant of this smartphone made available soon.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix was manufactured with a complex ceramic chassis and because such materials are expensive and hard to find, the folks over at Xiaomi only manufactured a handful of these smartphones which were put up for sale where they all sold out in the twinkle of an eye.

Since they found it hard to manufacture more of the beautiful ceramic beast, they have now been reportedly working on another version of this handset which should come with an all glass body that would be easier to manufacture for mass production.

Xiaomi Mi Mix

This case of “running out of production materials”, especially in terms of ceramic had been ongoing for a while now. Some months ago, after introducing the ceramic version of the Mi 5 Pro, they went on to reveal an all glass variant due to the issues highlighted above.

However, one good news is that this new material would be cheaper than the ceramic so we should expected to get the Xiaomi Mi Mix for a lesser price tag. More so, we should also see them add speaker grills to this new glass variants.

As per pricing, we still do not know how much the new handset would launch for, nonetheless, we are sure that there is no way this device would be asking for the same amount the glass variant launched with.

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