Xiaomi Mi 6 Won’t Launch in US and Europe

Xiaomi who recently started its operations in the US and Europe markets by selling power banks and audio accessories also unveiled the Mi Box in the US — but is yet to launch a handset in these markets.


The company’s former VP Hugo Barra had previously stated that Xiaomi was preparing itself for mobile releases in the US. However, a new report just affirmed that the company has no plans of entering the US or Europe with it handset products anytime soon.

The company instead, has stated that Xiaomi is looking to focus on the 30 countries it currently serves, and its hands are full as it is trying to make the most out of these countries. The company also stated in a report that it has no plans of unveiling the Mi 6 in the US or Europe.

The company also added that engineers don’t have what it takes to perform a rigorous testing that is required for a US launch as they all have their plates full, gearing up for launches in other countries.

Nonetheless, Xiaomi hinted that a US launch is on the cards in the next two years, refusing to completely dampen the hopes of interested buyers in the Us.

While claiming that it is in no hurry to break into developing markets, Xiaomi seems to have picked up momentum in countries like India, Ukraine, Indonesia, and Myanmar — as it looks to put all its focus in these markets for now.


Xiaomi Mi 6 was released in China last week, and the major highlights of the handset are its sleek design, the dual camera setup at the back, and the latest Snapdragon 835 SoC.

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