Xiaomi Mi 6 to go Official with Flat Full HD Display?

Just like the Xiaomi Mi 5 launched last year, news surrounding the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6 has been up and running for a while now with almost something new coming up each day. Now, from all the news we have heard, we just can’t help but drool over this device and be edge seated eagerly awaiting its launch.

Amongst the numerous specs that really make this device one to look forward to it’s the niche dual-curved display it was rumored to go official with. Nonetheless, looks as though this handset would not feature such a screen as a post on Weibo has just revealed that the device would come with a 5.2 inch flat Full HD touchscreen display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 Pixels.


Just like the other rumor, this is also a rumor so we would advise you to treat this information with the proverbial pinch of salt as the folks over at Xiaomi has not said anything with regards to what display they would grace the Xiaomi Mi 6 with.

The phone would be powered by an under-clocked Snapdragon 835 processor even though other sources have it that the device would come with Qualcomm’s very own 10nm octa-core Pinecone V970 high-end processor, but that seems highly unlikely.


Although this processor look like a nice fit for the Xiaomi Mi 6 but we sure it would be used for the upcoming Xiaomi Mi note 3 and other variants of the Xiaomi Mi 6.

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