Windows 10 Mobile to Get Web Payments, View 3D, and Edge Improvements

Some of the upcoming changes which are reportedly discovered to make its way to Microsoft’s Window 10 have recently surfaced online via leaked screenshots. The leaked images are indicating what might seem like a web payment application to be rolled out with the Windows10 mobile device.

According to the report, Microsoft is incorporating with both its PC and Windows 10 mobile device, a new feature called Web Payments.

This feature which was previously available on both the company’s Windows 10 PC build 14986 and internal builds of Mobile versions are being built in such a way that making payment on websites supporting Payment Request API, will be made easily accessible for any user looking to transact in one way or the other.

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According to another report, Microsoft is also looking to revamp Hub function on the Edge browser in its Windows 10 smartphone device. The browser will be expected to give options available in the Hub whilst bearing a graphic similar to the Windows 10 PC.

What’s more, the company is also reportedly working on an integrated bookstore on the Edge browser that would automatically permit a user to save EPUB books on their Windows 10 mobile device. This also includes support for EPUB files as well an enhanced user interface to make the viewing experience much better.

According to another report, the Settings application in Windows 10 smartphone is likely to feature some new upgrades, like that of the PC version. Microsoft has organized anew some sections of the phone in order to make navigation through the applications much easier and faster.

Just to conclude, the new View 3D application that enables a user to view 3D contents is also making its way to Windows 10 smartphone device.

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