WhatsApp is Bringing Back its Old Text-based Status Feature

As latest reports would have it, WhatsApp has just recently replaced its text-based Status functionality with Snapchat-like Stories that comprises of images and videos. The company is reportedly  re-introducing the old text-based status feature that is based on user backfire.

The new update will permit users to enable availability status via ‘About section’ on the application.


Furthermore, from the report, WhatsApp’s updated Status also allows a user to set photos or videos with filters as their status that is liable to disappear after 24 hours. The feature which was first introduced with Instagram Stories also saw the likes of Facebook Messenger and main Facebook app following the same trend.

According to one rumour, the company reportedly disclosed that the update will appear next to profile names for when users view their contacts, much like when creating a new chat or checking out a Group info.


Apparently, Facebook has been drawing come intense criticism off lately, from its user community for openly ripping off Snapchat’s trademark feature. Going by Instagram Stories that is already a hit with over 150 million users, Facebook, however, seems to have failed to repeat the success on other platforms.

While all that is being said, WhatsApp’s new Status will not be done away with just yet, but it’s quite refreshing to see that the old is coming back. WhatsApp also hinted that the new About Status feature will be pushed out to Android users in the next coming week and to iOS users at a later stage.

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