Vernee Shows off their Booth For the MWC 2017

One of the most anticipated event of the year for every smartphone enthusiast is the Mobile World Congress and this year, this event has been scheduled to be commence on the 26th of February 2017 over in Barcelona, Spain.

This event would be playing host to a lot of different manufacturers from across the globe, who would be setting up stalls to make official their devices of just give us a glimpse at what to expect from them in the few coming months.

VerneeAmongst the many gearing up to storm this event is Vernee and although they are new comers to the smartphone market just showing up last year, they have actually managed to win to themselves a fair share of the smartphone public with a boatload of smartphone out there, loved by the public and already establishing a loyal fan base for themselves.

We are glad to announce that to all the Vernee lovers out there that their much loved brand has just unveiled their Mobile World Congress Booth which is nothing short of amazing as it blends technology with design giving it a neat and futuristic look altogether.


Whilst other OEMs are busy dishing out information with regards to their upcoming handsets, this manufacturer has been quite on the silent side so we do know have an idea of what to expect from them in this upcoming event.

MWC is merely a stone throw away so let us just wait and see what this manufacturer has planned for us in the few coming days.


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