Upcoming Elephone Handset Has Its Selfie Shooter on the Back Panel

It is no news that smartphone are rapidly transforming as they are adapting to be all we need to solve our daily needs. Well, one of the newest addition to this innovatively growing market has been brought to the table by the Chinese smartphone brand, Elephone.

How does a phone with a front camera on the back panel sound? Impossible right? However, through brainstorming, the folks over at Elephone seems to have found a way to make this a reality.

One of the trending additions to the smartphone of nowadays is the edge-to-edge bezel-less display. Nonetheless, with bezel-less screens or even handsets which have narrow bezels, their true beauty is made evident with a large screen to body ratios.


To attain the highest screen to body ratio, most of the addition on the front panel have to be done away with which usually includes a physical home button bellow the display and a selfie snapper on the top up front.

In this present age, we can do without a physical home button, nonetheless, letting go of a front camera seems somewhat farfetched. So, why not transfer it to the back where you can slide it up to take a pick and slide it back down when you are done.


This unique way of implementing the front camera on the back panel shows us that the innovation in smartphones still has a long way to go. For now, it is only a picture that the folks over at Elephone dished out to us, but we are sure that more about this device will see the light of day in the few coming weeks.

More so, we are sure that this handset would be aimed at their flagship market joining the likes of their Elephone P25 and other flagship handsets as well.

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