UMi Introduces The UMi Diamond X

Smartphones having variants have been the norm of the day as we can see many OEMs shipping out every of their devices with a different variant. Others however, are now announcing variants for devices they have already made, just as UMi has done for the UMi Diamond handset.

Make way for the UMi Diamond X which is very similar to its sibling the UMi Diamond with only few and almost negligible differences as these said differences only lie on the RAM side of things as well as the processor being used.

umi-diamond-xBorrowing almost every design for the UMi Diamond, the Diamond X comes out pretty awesome, strong and has a touch of class to it as well. Just like a diamond, the phone is beautiful yet super though as it has survived various tests unscratched and still retaining its beauty.

umi-diamond-xThe 5 incher Diamond X would follow in the stead of its predecessor as it would be made available in three different color options which includes white, black and gold based on what the intended buyer desires although all colors still manages to bring out the outstanding beauty of this device.


The introduction of the Diamond X, however, doesn’t mean that the manufacturer has lost interest on the original diamond itself as they used the platform from which they announced the Diamond X to push out a video showing the battery capability of the UMI diamond as many have said that a 2,650 mAh battery would be enough to solve their daily needs.

Watch the video and be the judge yourself and let us know your views in the comments below.

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