Ulephone Gearing to Unveil the World’s first Bezel-less Premium Smartphone?

In this new era of smartphones are many cravings that we the end consumers yearn for. The current state of the mobile chipsets in our handset will quickly phase out before the end of the year to welcome newer and faster SoCs.

Also, in the design department things have ramped up a bit and a good example of that is the flagship Galaxy S6 and Edge of last year that really did manage to turn heads when they launched and we aren’t expecting anything short of the sequel which is the S7 that is expected to unveil at MWC next month.

Likewise, in the battery department are quite some noticeable enhancement although not so much, OEMs have managed to cram in as much battery juice in devices of less than 10mm in thickness.

While in the display department has been an unending crave for smartphones with a panel that is absolutely void of black borders – essentially without bezels hence the narrowing that can be squarely observed on the phones of recent.

The Samsung Galaxy edge did manage that quite well except that it’s mainly to the advantage of a curved screen and not necessarily your traditional infexible panel.

However, this is likely to change soon as news have it that a Chinese OEM by the name Ulephone is prepping to launch an all-new flagship that will reportedly feature a close to or if not a completely bezel-less designed handset.

The images below appear to be what seems to be taken in the real world hence hinting that the device is not too far from an actual launch date.



It is still noteworthy that they aren’t official therefore you should treat them accordingly. The purported handheld is expected to pack an Helio P10 SoC, 3-4GB of RAM, a Sony IMX 230 rear sensor, with the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner.

The mystery phone might not materialize… however we’ll let you know if we do find out more.

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