Top 5 Ranked Racing Games For Android In Q1 2016

There is no doubt that racing games is one the most enjoyed genre when it comes to mobile gaming and there are by far hundreds of if not thousands of them. 

However it is important to know that when it comes to racing games, it is not all about cars. Biker games, speed boats and even flight racing also bring the same thrilling speed experience.

If you dwell in the realm wherein a need for speed is your daily routine, then here is a handful of games that you definitely need to try to satisfy your thirst for speed. These 5 games are worth eating up your time, battery life and internal memory.

1. Nitro Nation Racing

Feeding you with different modern rides from up to 25 prestigious auto-mobile companies, this game promises you an adrenaline rush throughout each race with a fuel tank that is always full. These cars can be customised to your personal preference which is of course, limited (as more powerful upgrades will require the intervention of your wallet).

Solely based on your skills and how well acquainted you are with this game, you can take on other racers online with the multi-player mode. With over 20 million users, there is always a competitive race waiting for you once you come online. You also have the luxury of creating crews or joining other crews and taking on challenges,winning tournaments while climbing up the ranking boards.

Nitro Nation Drag Racing
Nitro Nation Drag Racing
Developer: Creative Mobile
Price: Free+

2. SBK14

If living life on the edge is your kind of thing then you have to try the SBK 14 which immerses you into a 3D universe where you’d actually feel like you’re a power bike making tight curves and hitting speeds that exceed 200 mph. How good you are with nailing your turns determines how well you would end up after each race.

With thirteen different race tracks, sick lightings, console quality graphics and a highly customizable gaming experience, you are to emerge first in a race that presents 16 teams with 27 riders representing their nations and also have the same task in mind.


SBK14 Official Mobile Game
SBK14 Official Mobile Game

3. Riptide GP 2

To be a pro in this game, you must be a dare-devil willing to take on any challenger online. Featuring powerful hydro jets which are easily controlled for stunts and meanders, highly customizable to give you an upper hand in your racings and powerful graphics to keep the user playing and engulfed in an alternate reality.


This game presents a 4-way multi-player modes wherein your challenge other speed racers online and a career mode where in you collect coins which in turn you can use to upgrade your ride and overcome challenges to unlock 9 new hydro jets and up to 25 new stunts.

Riptide GP2
Riptide GP2
Developer: Vector Unit
Price: $1.99+

4. Need For Speed No Limits

With a numerous amount of cars to chose from and extensive customization, you are definitely going to get addicted to this pulse-pumping racing game. Move up the ranks quickly and become a force to be reckoned with in the rankings. Make a name for yourself with amazing drifts, reckless driving and loud engine rantings.

Featuring over 2.5 million customising combos, one is definitely sure to get his dream car and race with it against others in head-to-head competitions to show them what you are capable of. Let them not even have a glimpse of your back-lights as you fire your way through more than 1000 different challenges and become notorious.

5. Redbull Air race

Red Bull Air Race – The Game

This makes living life on the edge look like a child’s play. Pushing your flying abilities to the limits with 3 different life-like tournaments to choose from, fast planes and varying racing destinations. Also to be involved in challenges against top pilots of this gaming series and eventually up the ranks to be one of them.

Red Bull Air Race – The Game

With challenges like the England Ascot, where your skills and reflex come into play and world’s circuits where you fly from country to country. It never gets boring with different challenges/tournaments online and the chance to fly against a faster pilot in your area and eventually in the world. Are you ready to take on anyone and make a name for yourself?

The app was not found in the store. 🙁


So we have carefully selected 5 of what we believe is the best in this genre of gaming for this quarter that will stimulate your adrenaline and definitely keep your pistons firing through each challenge. Give them a try and let us know your views in the comments below.

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