Top 10 Best Android Icon Pack Themes to Download in 2016 (Free & Paid)

If you are into customizing the appearance of your Android phone or tablet, you’re going to need widgets, launchers and icon packs. While widgets can help you to a certain extent, usually launchers give you more options but even then, you’ll have to download icon packs to change all the stock icons on your Android.

When it comes to icon packs, there are a lot of great new ones on the Play Store and today we’ll look at the top 10 best icon packs you can download for your phone or tablet today (both free and paid).

#1. Cryten – Icon Pack

Excellent design, over 2700 sharp looking, crisp icons and regular updates from the developer bring Cryten to the top of this list. If you are a fan of round icons and a contemporary look for your Android device, you should definitely give this a go. All major launchers are supported by this pack and icon masking for unthemed icons is also pretty good.

Cryten - Icon Pack
Cryten - Icon Pack
Developer: Vertumus
Price: $0.99

#2. Whicons – White Icon Pack

White icons packs go with any theme, and the Whicons icon pack gives you over 2000 HD icons for a superbly minimalistic look. The icon pack supports all major launchers, including Nova, Apex, Aviate, ADW, Go, Solo and TSF.

If you have an app that isn’t skinned by these icons, you can also request more icons easily. For now this icon pack is completely free and we strongly recommend it.

Whicons - White Icon Pack
Whicons - White Icon Pack
Developer: Randle
Price: Free+

#3. Material Things Lollipop Free

Lollipop themes for Android are hip at the moment, and the Material Things Lollipop icon pack is worth a shot if you’re a fan. There is a paid version of this theme as well, but this free pack has around 600 icons and you can try this to see whether you like it enough to get the full pack. Even if you don’t however, you still get bundled wallpapers and the icon pack is compatible with most launchers.

#4. Lcons 5.0 (Lollipop)

While we are at it, this is another Android 5.0 Lollipop based theme you can download if you are willing to pay for your icons. The pack includes over 600 handmade icons along with wallpapers and support for launchers like Nova, ADW, Next, Holo, Smart and Atom.

Lcons 5.0 (Lollipop)
Lcons 5.0 (Lollipop)
Developer: Designedly
Price: $0.99

#5. Bleach Icon Pack

The Bleach icon pack goes nicely with Android 5.0’s material design and comes with around 1500 high quality icons and 20 wallpapers to compliment them. You also get dynamic icons for calendars and there is an icon request feature available as well.

If you’re a little tired of all the bright icon packs out there, you will love Bleach’s mellow, slightly faded look and a consistent color scheme.

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#6. Vibe – Icon Pack

The Vibe Icon pack is paid, but one of the best you’ll download. The 1900+ HD icons are vibrant, colorful and nicely detailed to really come alive on your screen. The theme also comes bundled with 10 HD wallpapers and the developer regularly updates it.

Vibe Icon Pack
Vibe Icon Pack
Developer: Will Windham
Price: $1.99

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#7. Light Void Free – Flat Icons

If you’re looking for plain, clear and flat white icons for your Android phone or tablet, you should download the free version of Light Void. It doesn’t have ads and gives you around 900 handcrafted, flat design and simple icons for most popular launchers.

#8. Voxel – Icon Pack

Another free theme, Voxel has features rivaling most paid themes. You get over 1300 high quality square icons along with 19 wallpapers and an analog clock widget. There is a built-in icon request tool as well and the theme’s icon masking works well.

Voxel - Flat Style Icon Pack
Voxel - Flat Style Icon Pack

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#9. Belle UI Icon Pack

The Belle UI Icon Pack isn’t really new, but is worth covering in this list. The icons are great looking, the theme has built in wallpaper picker and the developer supports both the free and paid version. You can download the free version below and give it a spin before deciding whether you want to support the developer.

Belle UI Icon Pack
Belle UI Icon Pack
Developer: daeva112
Price: Free

#10. Axiom – Icon Pack

Axiom is another free icon pack for your Android with over 160 icons (yes they aren’t a lot) and support for most launchers. While the number of icons isn’t a lot, the pack works because it takes the stock Android icons and improves them by adding shadows and depth. If you like these icons, you can also request more and the developer updates the theme regularly.

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How do Android Themes Work?

If you’re confused about how themes work on Android, just think of them as skins for apps (which will be called launchers). In order to use these themes, you will need to download launchers (check out 11 Best Free Android Launchers).

Once a launcher is downloaded and installed, you will need to run it (and choose it as default launcher AFTER you decide to keep it as your daily launcher). Within the launcher you will find settings and options to choose from icons packs installed on your Android. If you have downloaded and installed any of the themes in this list, they will show up in your launcher and you can then apply them to see changes.

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If you run into any issues or are unable to apply these Android icon pack themes, feel free to comment below or contact us for help.



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    June 13, 2015 at 10:29 AM

    sunshine icons is much better then this you have to try

    • Hunain Naseer

      June 13, 2015 at 10:32 AM

      We’re actually working on a new selection Dipak, will definitely consider your suggestion, thank you!

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