Snapchat’s New Filter Update Allows Users to View The World From a Different Angle

Snapchat is one social society people crave to be a part of these days. The app brings to us new updates with outstanding features. Features ranging from zoomed faces to monster faces, all these make the app more interesting.

The features that really got users excited were the flower crown and puppy filters. Everyone old and young, male or female have pictures that have been filtered by snap chat’s filters.


Now, the app has introduced another filter called the World Lenses. These lenses allow you to view the world from a different angle. All you need to do is to activate it by just flipping the rear-face camera and ka-bum!!! It magically transforms your camera.

These lenses offer a bit of a glimpse of what donning a pair of Spectacles could feel like. There’s not much more information on the glasses, but there are existing settings for managing the augmented-reality accessory.


The fact still remains the same; Snap chat’s features are stamped as fun. However, these features are coy for other brands to be enticed with. With the massive responds from users turned fans there isn’t any competition left to stand head to head with the app. It makes pictures worth the while and smoothens some rough edges facially or back ground based.

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