Smartphone Manufacturers to Face UK Government Over Introduction of ‘drive safe’ Mode

For the past few decades, people living in the UK have suffered some disastrous accidents from drivers that were discovered to have been a little distracted by their smartphone devices.

This has led to many fatalities involving both the drivers and innocent passengers. Just recently the UK government decided it needs to act by enforcing a law that will prevent drivers from using their phones whilst driving at the same time.

According to reports, members of the UK Government are expected to meet with smartphone developers in the first quarter of next year to instruct them to introduce a ‘drive safe’ mode to stop drivers from becoming distracted at the wheel.

Over the past few decades, smartphone manufacturing companies have been facing pressure from road safety proponents and government officials to bring out a software that limits the functionality of smartphones in-car in a bid to reduce road accidents.

According to latest reports gathered by experts after a thorough survey was carried out in the UK, they came to a conclusion that at least 70 fatal road accidents in Britain per year were as a result of driver’s distraction while around 20 human deaths are a direct result of driving while using a mobile device.

The suggested drive safe mode is expected to function similarly to the aeroplane mode that comes built into smartphone devices as standard, limiting the handset’s functionality to all but the most important features.

This could mean that once the car attains a certain speed, phones should be automatically blocked. This is very possible since every modern smartphone device comes with inbuilt GPS and accelerometer. It would also mean that every phone while being used at the wheel, should be restricted to only allow calls to emergency numbers.

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