Samsung Might Launch Wireless Headphones Alongside Galaxy S8

Not too long ago, Samsung’s is rumored to have its standard headphone jack removed from its Galaxy S8, as it major market rival Apple, also did with its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Shortly after that, numerous reports surfaced online, claiming that the South Korean tech giants are working towards launching wireless headphones alongside its next generation flagship the Galaxy S8.

According to one report, Samsung Company is looking for a product that would contend with Apple’s AirPods, that has been widely made available at a purchase price if 160 pounds. Even though many will agree that the South Korean tech giants are a bit way over their heads, it is quite unclear whether or not the company would unveil the headphones alongside the Galaxy S8 or have them sold separately as an accessory.

If these latest reports are anything close to being accurate, then it automatically means that users will not be able to use their old headphones with the Galaxy S8, not unless they support the USB Type-C adapter as the new Galaxy smartphone is expected to come a USB Type-C port.

According to another report, Samsung had its 3.5mm headphone jack removed in a bid to build a reasonably thinner Galaxy S8 model, whilst making room to contain a bigger battery.

Just to recap, Samsung launched a pair of wireless earbuds capable of tracking fitness data and providing users with feedbacks on their performance. The earbuds which also provide data such as heart rate, speed, distance, duration, and calories burned, also offered up to 4GB internal storage that enabled a user to play close to a thousand songs and more.

The earbuds came with a support functionality for Bluetooth version 4.1 and is compatible with Android 4.4 devices.

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