Samsung Introduces the Galaxy Note 7R, Taking over from where the Galaxy Note 7 Stopped

It is no news that the Galaxy Note 7 was somewhat of a flop for the Korean Giants. Nonetheless, that has not dithered them from resurrecting this handset from the dead. By next month, the folks over at Samsung will be making official a new handset to be called the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R. There is no word about what the letter “R” in the moniker stands for, however, quite a few out there believe that this stands for “refurbished”.

Whilst the design featured on this handset will be the same one that the Note 7 went official with, there are some changes made on the inside with the major one being a redesigned battery pack which is smaller than the one the Note 7 went live with. This we believe is their solution to the explosions that the Galaxy Note 7 was notorious for.


The same 5.7-inch touchscreen display will be made available but it will be kept running by a smaller and safer 3200mAh battery pack. Although smaller, it is still more than enough to keep your piston fingers thumping on the display for many hours.

Below the screen, the traditional physical home button/ fingerprint scanner does not fail to make an appearance. Seated above the crispy display will be a 5MP selfie snapper that is accompanying a main 13Mpix camera sensor on the back panel of the handset. Ticking under the hood is an Exynos 8890 SoC that will be coupled up with 4GB of RAM.

As for the price tag, this handset will be asking for about $620 which is more than $250 of the original price tag of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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